Samsung Galaxy S10


Rumors and leaks suggest that the S10 will come with a dedicated hardware crypto wallet included.

If they can somehow link this with Samsung Pay… Well… Let’s just say there’s that familiar tingle in the old 바지’s coming…


Maybe it’s time I make a move to Samsung :thinking:


That bullet hole in the screen is even worse than notch.


Anyone remember ICON and Samsung have a relationship?



I truly hope that large companies like this get into the cryptosphere.
Thruth is this is just a rumor as it stands. With the release of the S10 coming right up and Samsung not having stated anything about a wallet built in to the phone we can safely assume this will not happen yet.

With the Sirin Labs Finney phone, the HTC Genesis phone, PundiX phone and a major European provider that is rumored to be building a phone that will utilize Wanchain for a blockchain phone, we can safely say that there is a change coming to our space.

Me for myself, have already ordered the Sirin Labs Finney phone.


Samsung Blockchain KeyStore confirmed by Galaxy S10 leaked images

We exclusively confirmed last month that Samsung would be launching a cryptocurrency service with the Galaxy S10. Several live images of the Galaxy S10 have now leaked online which confirm the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore app.

Our report mentioned that the cryptocurrency service would be split into two parts. There will be a cold wallet for saving digital currencies, public and private keys, and signing private keys for transactions. There’s also going to be a crypto wallet for viewing account information, transfers and transaction history.

Leaked Galaxy S10 images confirm Samsung Blockchain KeyStore

The images show the Samsung Blockchain Keystore app running on the Galaxy S10. The splash page mentions that this app is a “secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency.” As we detailed in our report, the images also show that the app will let users import an existing wallet while also being able to create a new one. Ethereum is listed as a supported cryptocurrency but it will have support for Bitcoin, Ethereum-derived token ERC20 and Bitcoin Cash at launch.

There’s also going to be a relevant menu item for Blockchain KeyStore in the Settings app under the Biometrics and security section. It mentions that the service lets users secure and manage their blockchain private key. All of these features have been discussed by us in depth in our exclusive report.

These images are also the clearest live shots of the Galaxy S10 that we have seen so far. The single front camera gives away the fact that this is a Galaxy S10 and not a Galaxy S10+. We can see that the bezels are quite minimal which is something that many Samsung fans will appreciate.

Do you think it’s a good thing that Samsung is shipping a cryptocurrency service with its next flagship? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Samsung Blockchain KeyStore

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Wow…this is interesting.
Still…id keep most of my stuff on my ledger…locked up somewhere.


More speculation on the integration with Samsung Pay.


This could be one of the signs, that the cryptowinter might be over soon. Such big companies as Samsung or Apple have enormous impact on millions of people.