Samsung GDDR6 started production!


Explosion in the pants :explopants2::explopants4::explopants5: :trump:

Using an innovative, low-power circuit design, the new GDDR6 operates at 1.35V to lower energy consumption approximately 35 percent over the widely used GDDR5 at 1.55V. The 10nm-class 16Gb GDDR6 also brings about a 30 percent manufacturing productivity gain compared to the 20nm 8Gb GDDR5.

So more power and less energy consumption … I might even consider investing in a farm with this #'s and specially since it will be a new gen GPU.

And for reference, Nvidia GTX 1080 was released on 27 of May 2016, so we could expect a similar launch date in this year? That’d be nice! Give some time for the ICX gains to grow more to re-invest !


That’s good news! But the prices… :cry:
And since nVidia still has the upper hand over AMD I don’t see why they should rush out a new gen GPU especially when they are still booked out for the current gen (and make a fortune).

My guess is we won’t see it till Q3 2018 maybe even later…


News of nvidia ampre is rumoured to be March which to be fair it normally has been.its going to be more expensive than previous models and expect a 30% increase in power


Ampre? I think you mean ampere?
But next gen nVidia should be Volta…?

I also guess they perform on max 30% better even though I believe it will be much less and more like 15-20% due to fact that it’s not the same architecture leap like 9 series to 10 series.
I think main focus will be on reducing power consumption while increasing performace slightly.

But who am I to know! :blush:


I have been following nvidia since start in the 90’s and yes typo. Volta is rumoured to be for the data servers and science cards like Tesla. Ampere is going to be the gaming GeForce gpu. Basically nvidia just squeezing more money from consumers.the days of 100% gains are long gone now it’s a trickle of 30% partly because amd can’t compete at the minute. So expect a 2070 or 1170 to be about 5% faster than a 1080ti. Every gpu since the birth has been reducing power consumption while increasing transistors to make the card more powerful. It should be 12nm fabrication and I expect the price to increase as nvidia are ass holes. I shouldn’t own shares in them as I don’t like them as a business but the dude knows what he is doing funny thing is he came from amd as a low employee oh how the tables turn lol


Yes different architecture 10 series runs on pascal but that’s bs it runs on maxwell really. As for ampere that could be on Volta arc or dare I say it another hidden pascal maxwell arc disguised in a new name but I doubt that to be the case as I think they squeezed every drop out of maxwell but who knows. It’s all rumours at the moment


If they deliver with the upcoming GPU I’ll be like this


errr… alt, but you got what I’m trying to say :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Q3 sounds a little to long as they have share holders to please but yeah ur right the cards are still flying of the shelves. Amd have got vega 2 coming very soon on 12nm HBM2. Can’t see it competing now raja has gone intel


Wish Intel would make their own dedicated PC GPUs.


They are but they will be shite. To make a gpu amd and nvidia have the patents on lock down and it’s a potential minefield to not infringe upon it


How do you mean it runs on maxwell? I thought they were able to stack the cores - insert correct term and actually make a next gen in architecture?

And I’m also looking forwart to a 12nm tech. AMD made it even though not on a competitive winning side but they showed it’s possible.

I hope I can upgrade my 970 next year.


next gen Nvidia will be nice, don’t miss it


It’s a little complicated and difficult for me to explain easily but pascal is basically a maxwell refresh like the 390x is a refresh of the 290x for amd.
I’m hoping ampere is Volta but I would not be surprised in the slightest if it’s not just like ur 970 is sold as a 4gb vram card when really it’s a 3.5gb vram and the .5 gb is slow as fuck.
That’s why I said I hate nvidia as a business as they are to put it politely cunts but then who said u made money being nice


In my book the gen that follows the current one of Nvidia is NOT a refresh at all because of the following:

First, they are moving to GDDR6 from GDDR5 memory and to a smaller architecture from 16 to 12nm. This two factors alone are a huge in any new GPU gen.

The examples you mention 290x and 390x, they do are a follow up gen, same fab of 28nm, same memory generation, marginable performance increase etc


Ur getting ampere Volta confused against pascal and maxwell