Satoshi's site Hacked ? or legit?



anyone see this yet ? also saw something on reddit about it. new friend added and “nour” as comment. Do we think the site was hacked or is it legit? Conspiracy Friday ?



almost certainly a hack


Yeah i think so too, wasn’t all his old emails hacked years ago ? something about the server he was using got hacked ? i could be wrong i don’t remember nor do i want to spread false stuff , so if anyone knows the truth please share.


yes his original email was hacked…

I would also venture to say that the real “satoshi nakamoto” will never resurface in his original form.


Unless he wanted to get blackbagged by anyone of multiple governments. I don’t think he would be ok if he came now.
There are multiple 3 letter agencies in the US that would want a piece of that guy.


or was it the three letter agencies that had a part of the creation of it ? The US has been pretty quiet about it since the beginning and other countries have been moving forward. Could they be waiting until its adopted and actually have control of the biggest wallets out there? I hope not but what if?


You do have a point. The odds that one human thought this up and implemented it are pretty low. We will see only time well tell.


I think the 3 letter agencies wish they had come up with something like bitcoin.


I can send a message from that email right now, it means nothing. “nour” haha

Dave Kleiman was satoshi …he paid with his life for it…

imo Dave was the ready player 1 version of James Donovan Halliday remember how his assistant claimed responsibility… that would be craig wright


Just finishing up an article on Hal Finney, Dave Kleiman and Craig Wright right now, I will post a link when finished. I dug up a ton of information never before published…

Noone knows who Satoshi is


Legit read. May i?


Craig Wright is NOT Satoshi Nakamoto

Most readers know this already. What most people don’t know, is the reasons why, how, and all the facts. exclusive article by @AAA_ZioiZ

Fact: Ira Kleiman, the brother of Dave Kleiman (The holder of the famed 1 million bitcoin) inherited the Dave Klieman estate, which included the holdings of W&K Info Defense Research LLC (the Liberty Reserve exchange & mining operation) .

Fact: Craig Wright committed perjury according to an affidavit filed in the US State of Florida

When W&K was initially in hot water, Wright submitted a sworn affidavit stating:

“… (Wright) …stating he was never a shareholder, member, agent, employee, or representative of W&K. He swore, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States, that he’s never exercised authority or control over W&K.

After Dave Kleiman died, Craig Wright submitted an affidavit to the Supreme Court of New South Wales where Craig affirmed that:

The shareholding of ‘W&K Info Defense LLC’ was:

1. Craig S. Wright 50.0%

2. David A. Kleiman 50.0%”

The above, clearly contradicting his other sworn declaration.

The full details of the perjury are recorded in the Florida case documentation as follows…

160. In Ira’s initial Complaint, as in this one, he alleged that (i) Craig and Daveheld some form of interests in a Florida LLC called W&K, that (ii) through this LLC, and otherwise, they mined over 1.1 million bitcoins and developed extremely valuable intellectual property, that (iii) after Dave died, Craig took unlawful possession of all the bitcoins the Florida LLC mined and intellectual property it created (along with the bitcoin and intellectual property they mined/developed together personally), that (iv) Craig then tried to “launder” this stolen intellectual property by defrauding the Australian courts into entering consent orders transferring clean title over W&K’s intellectual property to Craig;and that (v) Craig needs to return the stolen property.

161. In response to this Complaint, Craig filed a motion to dismiss alleging he has essentially no connection to Florida or W&K. His motion stated Plaintiff’s jurisdictional allegations were “frivolous” and “sanctionable.” (ECF D.E. 12 at 36). Craig supported these assertions with a sworn declaration stating he was never a shareholder, member, agent, employee, or representative of W&K. (Ex. 29 ¶¶ 11–12). He swore, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States, that he’s never exercised authority or control over W&K. (Id. ¶ 13).

162. He perjured himself.

163. To procure his fraudulent Australian judgments, Craig submitted an affidavit to the Supreme Court of New South Wales where Craig affirmed that: i. Craig S. Wright 50.0% ii. David A. Kleiman 50.0%”(Ex. 4 at 5).

164. Craig then doubled down on this ownership structure affirming further that“W&K Info Defense LLC was an incorporated partnership. All shares are held jointly.” (Id.). He then affirmed that he called a “shareholders meeting” on August 16, 2013 at which only he and Jamie Wilson were present. (Id.). Craig affirmed he was the sole vote that nominated Jamie Wilson to act as a director “for purposes of consenting to orders and the company to be wound down.” (Id. at 5).27

165. These affidavit statements directly contradict his sworn statements to thisCourt that (i) “I have never been a . . . shareholder . . . of W&K,” (ii) “I have never been a member of W&K,” and (iii) “I have never exercised authority or control over W&K . . .” (Ex. 29 ¶¶ 11–13).

166. But the perjury doesn’t end there.

167. Craig attached voluminous records to his Australian affidavit. These attachments evidence Craig signed as the “authorized representative” of W&K six (6) times (Ex. 4 at 56, 63, 70, 76, 83, 90), identified himself as W&K’s “lead researcher” twice (id. at 45–46), its “technical contact” six (6) times (id. 50, 57, 64, 71, 77, 84), affiliates himself with W&K’s Florida address as, e.g., his “mailing address” twelve (12) times (id. at 49, 56–57, 63–64, 70–71, 76–77, 83–84, 90), includes detailed descriptions of the computer programs and research Craig was attempting to get DHS to fund (id. at 50–94), and includes four (4) emails from DHS confirming Craig had uploaded various proposals on behalf of W&K attempting to secure funding (Id. at 40–43). Collectively, these documents clearly evidence Craig’s participation in operating W&K from Florida to solicit business from the United States DHS.

168. Obviously, these affidavit attachments are in direct conflict with Craig’ssworn statements to this Court that (i) “I have never been a . . . employee, or representative of W&K,” (ii) “I have never been an agent of W&K,” (iii) “I have never . . . developed software for any purpose relating to a Florida business, including W&K,” (iv) “I have never advertised services in Florida,” (v) “I have never had an office in Florida,” and (vi) “I have never exercised authority or control over W&K . . .” (Ex. 29 ¶¶ 6, 8, 11- 13, 15).

169. As mentioned in ¶ 120, Craig also filed submitted two “Acknowledgment ofLiquidated Claim” filings in Australia where he signed as the “legal agent and representative” of W&K and as its “Director/ Australian Agent.” (Ex. 30). As set forth in ¶¶ 138–139 he also acted as the “director” of W&K when he had his agent put Coin-Exch, his company, as its director. These also directly conflict with his sworn testimony above.

170. Craig’s boldfaced misrepresentations and perjury before this Court constitute a continuation of his grand fraud to unlawfully take Plaintiffs’ assets. Said differently, Craig’s latest fraud on this Florida Court is simply one more action he’s taken in Florida to defraud Dave’s estate and W&K.

Exhibits 4 and 29 are available to view below:The amended complaint also includes numerous updates relating to:

Relating to Dave Kleiman’s early involvement in Bitcoin:

58. On November 26, 2009 (Thanksgiving Day), Ira Kleiman and Dave met at their father’s home for an early dinner. He and Dave discussed Facebook’s recent success and Ira asked Dave if he was working on anything interesting. Dave responded by telling Ira he was working on “something bigger” than Facebook, that he was “creating his own money.”

59. Ira asked Dave to clarify and jokingly asked if Dave was making counterfeitmoney.

60. Dave responded by saying he was making “digital money.” He then opened his wallet, took out a business card, flipped it over, drew a “B” with a line or two through it, and commented on how “we” were working on a logo.

61. Dave told Ira he was working with a relatively wealthy foreign man whoowned some properties. Ira asked Dave why he didn’t partner with this wealthy individual. Dave was silent, which Ira understood to be Dave’s concession they were already partners.

Relating to communications between Craig Wright and Ire Kleiman:

62. On May 20, 2014, Ira shared this story with Craig via email. (Ex. 2).

63. Craig responded that same day stating “we did partner ;)”. (Id.). Craig then commented on the “properties” stating, inter alia, that he owned 550 acres. (Id.). He then said, “I will have to see what I can dig up. The old Bitcoin logo we did is no longer used. I have a copy.” (Id.). Craig later provided Ira with a copy of this Bitcoin logo. (Id.).

The full details can be found here in the actual court filing:

What should be noted here is Dave was Satoshi. In online posting, in bitcontalk, in email, and in the cryptographic world, Dave Kleiman was Satoshi Nakamoto.

With the HOW answered, and the WHY obvious, lets look at some more details.

The court records imply that Wright was initially Kleiman’s first partner of sorts and someone he talked to about the bitcoin project. As we can see in posts from the Satoshi account, and the court records of Ira and Dave talking about the details such as the logo, and the concept, it only makes sense to assume Dave WAS Satoshi.

Does Craig Wright have the right to inherit the name and legacy of Satoshi Nakamoto?

The answer is an opinion and would be determined by the reader.

There are many more things that could be brought up in this argument like the backdating of the fraudulent Satoshi PGP keys…

Craig Wright has been caught trying to assume the roll of Satoshi Nakamoto in many ways and in many instances. We know he has had billions to gain by convincing the world of this, and money does the most unbelievable things to people.

Beyond the obvious, does Craig Wright have to right to claim he knows Satoshi’s Vision? …maybe, he was close with Dave Kleiman when Dave was alive.

Now lets look at Hal Finney. Dave Kleiman and Hal Finney were close. Here are some connections you may not already know. Both Dave and Hal were in wheelchairs, both were high level computer security experts. Both were passionate about cryptography. Both are no longer alive. The first ever bitcoin transaction was between an address now proven to be controlled by Kleiman and was sent to an address controlled by Finney. Both Kleiman and Finney were having major life complications at the time of their passing due to bitcoin, Kleiman had funds frozen with the W&K seizure, and both were being harassed and threatened with violence in an attempt to extort them of bitcoin. Both were semi-famous Kleiman having won awards and also had been on national TV, Finney having been featured in Forbes magazine.

More well known facts were things such as Hal Finney living in the same city and something like 10 blocks from Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto. Dorian is not the Satoshi that created bitcoin but is a computer expert and in the same professional field as Kleiman and Finney. There is substantial evidence proving a regular amount of communication and collaboration on bitcointalk dating back to the very early days of the creation. We know for a fact that bitcointalk was hacked and the Finney and Satoshi accounts were compromised, so any posts after early to mid 2013 can be dismissed as fake. But there was enough public contact between then to assume there was plenty of off the record conversation as well, both having so much in common and both having developed so many shared passions in life. It is very possible the men even shared enough trust to both use the same accounts at times, we know the majority of the development and overall responsibilities were handed over quite early in the project existence, likely due to Kleimans hospital stays, and non-related project absences. Satoshi’s actual contribution on bitcointalk only lasting 13 months from November 2009 until December 2010.

575 posts in 13 months.

There is more than enough information to write a book on the subject.;u=3


The likelihood Craig Wright is or was Satoshi Nakamoto alone is impossible. The possibility of Craig Wright being connected to the founder(s) Dave Kleiman and Hal Finney has been proven. Did Dave hand over some part of the project to or share most things related with Hal Finney, almost certainly. Did Hal know he was going to die and hand over some parts of the project to Craig Wright? It is possible. If he did, knowing both founders were dead, did Craig Wright mentally feel entitled or responsibility to take the pseudonym over? It is an explanation into the wild and eccentric actions of Wright.

Ultimately you have to decide.

Some related information worth mentioning:

A post from Gavin Anderson on bitcointalk in April 2011


I want to get this out in the open because it is the kind of thing that will generate conspiracy theories: I’m going to give a presentation about Bitcoin at CIA headquarters in June at an emerging technologies conference for the US intelligence community.

I accepted the invitation to speak because the fact that I was invited means Bitcoin is already on their radar, and I think it might be a good chance to talk about why I think Bitcoin will make the world a better place. I think the goals of this project are to create a better currency, create a more competitive and efficient international payment system, and give people more direct control over their finances. And I don’t think any of those goals are incompatible with the goals of government.

I’m only very slightly worried that talking about bitcoin at the CIA will increase the chances they’ll try to do something we don’t want them to do. I think accepting their invitation and being open about exactly what bitcoin is will make it less likely they’ll see it as a threat.

PS: Full disclosure: I’ll be paid a one-time fee of $3,000 to cover expenses and pay me for my time. I don’t want any “Gavin is on the CIA’s payroll” rumors to get started, either…

As always, comments and questions and discussion welcome. I’d really rather not hear any conspiracy theories about how they’ll secretly implant a mind-control chip in my head while I’m there, though…

All Satoshi’s post can be found at:

All Satoshi’s emails here:

Satoshi quotes:

Thank you for reading, post who you think is Satoshi and why in the comments below.

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honored brother, thank you.