Satoshi's Whitepaper is flawed... perfectly

There’s been been some mention lately in the pub regarding the intention behind Satoshi’s Whitepaper and whether or not we’ve already drifted beyond what was originally intended and if the forks and sidechains are really what Satoshi had intended. I saw a post here Satoshi’s WhitePaper has become like Bible or Quran but it did not address what i was thinking. So…

First of all. We discovered that Satoshi’s original idea was screwed within a couple years of bitcoin going live, because Satoshi didn’t expect giant gpu and asic mining groups and pools… but that’s ok. Satoshi isn’t a god, and the point of the whitepaper wasn’t to determine how everyone was to mine bitcoin later. It was to get the ball rolling for a new idea completely. Even if the intention HAD been to determine how everyone used bitcoin down the road, it wouldn’t matter.

Secondly. While Satoshi might evoke a mystical mysterious semi demi god like feeling when you think of him (or them?), that is a cognitive bias giving Satoshi some super human omnipotent all knowing power, that simply doesn’t exist. Satoshi whoever he or they are or were just human (probably? yeah i’m sure… or am i?). A human with a great idea that came together in a dark time, who refused to reveal himself. There is nothing inherently mystical or magical about HOW he/she/they planned for things to go after they disappeared. The magic is in the willingness to step aside and let the project go without wanting recognition. Just because a person has one incredible idea does not mean they are also responsible for knowing how everything else is supposed to go. Here in the USA i think we do this a lot by idolizing the forefathers. They were brilliant men of their time, who shook the foundation of the world by declaring a democracy. They were also just men, and a lot of their laws were based in a time of racism, sexism, and slavery with no possible way of knowing how technology would change in the future. What they did reasonably well was create a system where people could fight tooth and nail greedly for their own benefit and end the end nobody would get exactly what they wanted and the country would get what it needed. The point is simple. What Satoshi did was incredible, and in my opinion heroic, but it was only the start. What came after and what will come is fully up to those that develop and adopt his original idea. ** another time i’ll post about how we expect to much from inventors like Vitalik. **

Bitcoin is… whatever we the global community chooses for it to be. If it’s a store of wealth, if it’s a decentralized platform for information exchanges, if it’s an invisible coin that lives in our heads, if it’s any number of side chains or there can be only one. We choose it whether we like it or not and no matter how greedily one party fights tooth and nail for their own selfish gains.

Referencing Satoshi’s whitepaper for technical reasons or to praise or criticize his(her/them?) original idea makes perfect sense. Expecting Satoshi to theologically carry the torch through the constant change and development of this revolution is a disservice. The world is literally full of every type of person with every type of motive a person can have, so the markets will decide whatever they want based on the incentive offered

The incentive may help encourage nodes to stay honest. If a greedy attacker is able to
assemble more CPU power than all the honest nodes, he would have to choose between using it
to defraud people by stealing back his payments, or using it to generate new coins. He ought to
find it more profitable to play by the rules, such rules that favour him with more new coins than
everyone else combined, than to undermine the system and the validity of his own wealth. ~ Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System by Satoshi Nakamoto

… hmmm on second thought. Satoshi Nakamoto is the one true crypto god and Bitchurch will be held every Wednesday night. See ya then! (ps. bring beer)



Wednesday annndddd Friday! :smirk:


Definitely, Satoshi didn’t want his vision/creation going to be centralized by few Chinese companies that own ASICS mining, including a patent of it. I remember when I started mining with my work’s Mac using CPU back in 2010 or earlier… yeah, I lost all my bitcoins when the HD failed.


I guess what i’m trying to say is that “what Satoshi wanted” doesn’t really matter. What Satoshi gave us to work with does. It doesn’t matter what his intentions were because we’ve learned throughout history that the best of intentions go awry. So the fact that a few Chinese mining companies own ASICS devices doesn’t matter either. If we don’t like it, then change it. Which, is what has happened with tons of alt coins and side chains (technology that could ultimately be adopted into btc if it were wanted bad enough) What matters is that a system was put in place that allows people to be able to choose… and yet still, it seems that people choose to look for a some “great leader” to choose for them. The same has happened in so-called democratic countries that people are born into with only 1 or 2 actually viable choices for leader, and a legal system that has been worked and reworked for hundreds of years so that each generation grows more and more towards that comfortable position of, “oh well, this person will lead us.” I find it fascinating. I believe that anyone who thinks that Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention means some libertarian utopia is upon us all is frankly being a bit… well delusional. I say that because i want to believe that libertarian utopian dream that people will be responsible for their own wealth, and no person or country or corrupt crook can force that value from them now that Satoshi’s great revolutionary invention is here. BUT, if trading crypto has taught me anything at this point, it is that human emotions are so powerful that they will inhibit all logic. For example I see the BTC lovefest and BCH bashing, and i scoff at the idea that BCH will prevail because it goes against Satoshi’s fundamental reasoning for inventing decentralized value transfer… but in the same breath i feel that scoff, thanks to my new found trading skills of managing emotions, i realize that i’m reacting out of my own beliefs, and thereby ignoring all other possible scenarios.

I certainly don’t want the love fest to stop. I don’t want BTC to become polluted with greed and corruption and control. I want to believe in why Satoshi created bitcoin. BUT, the real truth of it is that it doesn’t matter what I want or don’t want, or what Satoshi believed, or how much power it puts into the hands of the people. All that has really happened is an amazing new transfer of value technology that can, has, and will further change global economics. At the core though, people are just people, and when given the chance to choose, one way or another, over time, they tend to choose for someone else to make the choices for them. Satoshi’s societal Vision be damned. He was just a man (maybe?) who invented the wheel. Whether or not people choose to drive off a cliff on four new tires or not has nothing to do with him.



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