Scam Alert: We NEVER Solicit - Telegram Scams!



wow, those scammers are getting folks!

was sent this today… lol.

@peter is doing back-channel ICO REVIEW VIDEOS! … lulz.


Dang - they are everywhere on telegram. I would say >50% of messages are scams or impersonations. I had a pretty epic one with someone saying they were from GOPAX exchange - when I outted them they went full on meltdown mode and threatened me


This happened to me today too. They’re truly everywhere. This was not from Peters account though but a different youtuber. Not a good sign.

Mine was on instagram though.

The grammar errors were very interesting. Indicative of eastern European languages.


Is it bad that I kinda don’t care about ico getting scammed on telegram?


Getting more scams on Telegram. Stay frosty out there guys!


I’m one of the developers at (Remember the package I’ve send with the two Smilodons & coupons).
Someone was pretending to be Peter aswell in our Telegram group. See the attached picture below.

Short reminder of what Smilo is:
We’re building a hybrid blockchain that safeguards the consumer’s need for privacy and security, whilst providing full accountability and transparency on a decentralised, safe, fast and sustainable platform.
I would love to share our mission and vision.

Our open source prototype will be released in +/- 2 weeks.
(Containing a prototype of: The blockchain, API, wallet, blockexplorer and a new website)
We have chosen to first build an awesome product before raising any funds.


Thank you for this!

Please stay frosty out there and if you’re part of a telegram group and you SEE MY NAME… It’s not me!


Scamer on YouTube in comments.

News bit: Top 5 crypto jobs



A new one.

I really don’t understand why ICOs get scammed by others. We don’t do ICO reviews…