- Custom YEN Beveled Glass Mirror - [ARTWORK] - DONATE PLEASE!



Was a little bored today and made something cool.
Teaching my daughter, 7, and my son 9 how to make things in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, and turn them into real life items.

12" x 12" Beveled glass mirror with etched glass Yen text and sky blue logo area all die cut.


OMG. Yo! This is so legit! Shared on YEN!
And twitter…


holy sheeeet! amazing!


This is amazing!!! Very cool Csider702!!!


Looks really great!!!


Thank mang! Made another one too for your brother John. I should have them in the mail by tomorrow afternoon.


Anyone got any ideas on what would look cool on these two tiles?
They look like real wooden slats but are tile and the sizes are 5 3/4" x 36"

PS> My daughter has gone crazy making the Yenicorn character and want’s to post a video on her YouTube account of her making it. We recorded her printing in on the large format printer we run here at Seaside.


Yooo. We got plenty of ideas!


I’m sending you and Peter one of these so make sure you bug him for it when they arrive.


Website! -

Prolly should make sure to get your site secure!



Sent out a request to have this updated with the web guy this morning. Thanks for the heads up.


Fantastic Work! Very Nice! :cowboy_hat_face::+1:


On it’s way there now.


Thanks so much for the swag!
Got it!
Looks great!

Make sure to go check him out!



I am willing to RAFFLE off the beautiful glass pieces. DM me if you’d like to ‘anonymously donate’ for the piece!