Seastar Inn Resort Negril, Jamaica ~250BTC

For Immediate Sale

Seastar Inn, a 17 room hotel with swimming pool, restaurant, bar and entertainment venue. Just 10 minutes from the World Famous Negril 7-mile Beach and 500 yards from the Majestic West End Cliffs. The property is for sale by the owner and Bitcoin is the preferred payment method.

  • Rated #1 Bed and Breakfasts in Negril, Jamaica by TripAdvisor.
  • Turn Key operation with large repeat customer base.
  • Closing costs included.
  • Title Available.

More info…

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Can anyone suggest a better site or medium than What’s the best way to go about selling this property for BTC?

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Still available.

I’m live now from the resort on dlive.

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💰 YEN · YouTube ·️ YEN.CAMP 🧠