Selling my holdings



Hey friends,

i want to sell all my holdings. One exception, i will keep one Bitcoin for the ticket to the moon.
I have personal reasons for that.

25.000 SNC
500 NEO
20 ETH
10 XMR

Before anyone asks: I sell them relatively cheaper then on exchanges. I dont want exchanges to have my personal info so i sell them P2P (Person to Person)

If anyone is interested please DM me. This is a serious offer.


Where are you located?



To any that decide to participate here I strongly suggest the use of escrow (trusted 3rd party) to execute transactions of this type. It affords protections to both the seller of the tokens as well as the buyer.


Happy to trade locally too.


100% agree with you.


You can use them to do it!
When they start!


The ICO is just starting in 9 days… i think it wont work in time :smiley:


sell everything and keep your 3 btc. You’ll still have a huge chunk from selling all but your btc


Sold alot!
What is still left:
12 ETH
300 NEO
10 XMR
25.000 SNC

I accept BTC as payment because i got someone who buys my btc!


Why keep everything apart from bitcoin?


What do you mean? I dont get it


You sold all ur btc and kept all ur alts


I can’t decide what people wanna buy.
I have sold almost half of my alts and almost all of my btc, but some btc i keep.
I have personal reason to do so, if you would know you would do the same