I’m posting this as i see soooooo many people here bashing me/others for cashing out into fiat/usdt, and the ICX shill in this fourm is extreme. Taken from Pepillionaire’s points are they’re very valid. Just hope people can understand the advantages to cashing out out into fiat, as it seems the majority here just hodl.

I don’t understand why people within the pub are so anti fiat/usdt and will just hodl through anything while taking massive losses, it blows my mind. The ammount of people here that bought at the ICX ATH by the ICX shill from this forum was farcical, and when it was so obvious ICX was going to drop ALOT from the ATH, people still just hodl through it thinking it will bounce back after a few days, well that bounce(mini) took more or less 2 months. If you had sold your ICX when it started dropping you would now hold a lot more ICX/fiat.

I must state this is not trying to hate on any HODLers, i hope to just open your eyes to cashout out, especially useful in this bear market!!!

  • Get your initial investment back early. 1/3 on 3x is popular.

  • The denial in a bubble-burst scenario is strong. Believe in your gut, not in anonymous online personalities. It’s okay to miss out on potentially more profits. It’s not okay to holding down to -70%.

  • Take profits in HARD DOLLARS on the way up. Ignore the $BTC maximalists who ridicule FIAT. You cannot pay rent or feed your family w/ magic internet money.

  • Actually “buying the fucking dip” during a bear market is an excellent way to be homeless, fast.

  • You cannot buy things with unrealized profit. Good luck with your returns and Ebay auctions.

  • You will have to pay taxes on all of this or go to prison.

  • Don’t fall in love with your shitcoin. This turns winning trades into losers. ALWAYS GET YOUR INVESTMENT BACK EARLY

  • If you get euphoric & can’t believe the money you’re making, your portfolio is in for an Eiffel-Tower tier correction.

  • Check the Tradingview Buy/sell Indicator & Twitter Bear/Bull Sentiment and do the OPPOSITE

  • #HODL is a minimum-effort strategy invented for complete, brainless plebs & normies. You buy & hold for years. Your grandparents could do it.

  • The reason your portfolio is 75% down is because you keep #HODL ing your WORTHLESS scamcoins with NO POTENTIAL in a BEAR MARKET after you BOUGHT THE TOP. Thanks, community member.

  • Do not buy into pumps. Buy coins that have been in accumulation range & are at rock bottom

  • Do NOT invest more than 1% of your portfolio in shady coins on unknown exchanges. The chances of an exit scam are much higher than the x1000 ticket.

  • At the end of the day if you have sold into fiat/usdt, and btc starts to moon it’s very easy and quick to buy back in.

  • Most ICOs are money-grabbing, unviable scams. You really are sending off your money into the Ether, never to see it again

  • There’s no such thing as being “in it for the long run” on anything other than $BTC.
    99% of all $CRYPTO projects, even valued at billions are complete & utter trash. They are worthless. They provide nothing of value, will never be used in real life & will be dead in 5 years

  • If you’re at a 90% loss, you’re not a “heroic community member who believes in the technology”.
    Shut up. You fucked up and turned 100 dollars into 10. Congratulations.
    You say “in 5 years it won’t matter”. If you truly believe in your coin, buy 10 times the amount later.

  • The technology really is gamechanging. But that doesn’t change the fact that you still need $USD in the real world. If you do this full-time, it is absolutely vital that you cash out enough hard money to fund a happy, healthy life for you & family + cover the taxes you owe

  • Traders are blessed, but not prophets… You have to make critical decisions yourself, do not “believe”.

  • If you want to avoid wageslaverly, simply holding & hoping won’t do the trick. Look into at least 3-4 sources of passive income to sustain your lifestyle. MINIMIZE EXPENSES. I bought an apartment & can survive a bear market w/o dayjob. NOT possible before with high rent.

  • Decouple your happiness from your portfolio. If you’re doing hookers & blow during bull season & can’t get out of bed due to severe depression in bear markets, your life is maladjusted. Everyone is guilty of this in some way, Money is NEVER a reason to commit suicide. Even in the worst situation, you can always declare bankruptcy. You will not starve & get through this, with more strength & character. Life’s a blessing. Make a pact /w someone to never take your life, call them in dire times

  • Many people who have been around since the beginning are NOT millionaires.
    It’s not as easy as you think & you will not get rich “fast and easy”.
    I’ve been following $CRYPTO since 2010, mined in 2012, invested in 2013 and my portfolio has taken 80%+ blows 3 times already.

  • You only believe most of these lessons if you learn them yourself, the hard way. When you neglect your own principles, mostly due to greed & emotions, you will get burned, badly. The sooner, the better. Because only when something really costs you, you’ll truly learn it.

  • With every lesson you internalize, you come back stronger. After every devastating market crash I was eventually wealthier in the next bull run.
    My biggest goal is avoiding wageslavery. Life is a gift & I will NOT waste it in an office. May we all make it. .

  • I’ll sell 95% of my holding on the next bounce to 14k $BTC

I love the PUB, honestly i think it’s great and a nice community, i just don’t understand this hodl though bear market mentality.


So you’re telling that I need to sell my Bitconneeeeect? Not a chance!
We are cooming in waave.
Let me tell you that we are changing the woorld as we know it.
The world is not anymore the way it used to bee mm mm nonono!


He said it, he actually said it! Respect :fist_right::fist_left:


When i was first beginning in this market a few months ago (i know im late) i found it really hard to find solid answers on exchanging cryptos to fiat. Every man and his dog will tell you how easy it is to buy BTC but no one talks about the best way to change into fiat. After finding so many exchanges that either didn’t allow withdrawal to Australia or were just a complete rip off i started to get very nervous about putting money into crypto, i believe this is a subject that needs addressing more often as it scares away the un crypto educated. It’s almost like people dont want to talk about it because it will have a negative effect which i think is false. Thank god for Peter on YouTube and this amazing forum where i found all the answers i was looking for.


I agree with you my friend, it’s a lot more confusing to sell back to fiat from an exchange, than it is to buy btc!!


Easy route for me was BTC to Gold bullion, Gold bullion to GBP’s approx fee’s 3% Job done :sunglasses::grinning:
Oh forgot to add the timing I sold in late December 2018 at BTC $17,800 so I got out pretty close to the top of the tree. :+1:


I don’t stop going to the gym and getting stronger when I have 1 bad workout.

Why would I stop buying ICX because of a down period?


lets say you bought more ICX a week ago, now we are down 30% since last week, you are DOWN 30% in ONE WEEK, that’s why. better to sit in fiat/usdt untill this bear market is over no?


I understand this yes, but I am not putting in my whole life so I am okay with losing it if 3 years from now it becomes worthless.


Do you have any idea when is it over? or at least any indicator of it?


You are argueing trading vs investing. The two are different methodoligies. Execution is the hard part of trading on paper it is 100% accurate and the right thing to do. This is why you do not trade your 401k/retirements or why the vast majority of people do not is because they know they cannot execute it correctly or do not want to sit and watch the charts. Its also why we pay landscapers, electricians, and plumbers because it is easier to pay someone to do it and because either we do not have time, knowledge, or a combination of the two to do it. Investing and looking long term is the same its someone that doesn’t have the time or knowledge willing to take short term losses for a long term gain that is smaller than if they spent the time to learn to trade.

Its all about what you want to do with your time while you are alive in my book. Time is the only currency you cannot get more of so if I can make gains on my time (ie spending my time wisely or effeciently) and those gains in time out weigh the gains in some other currency then that is all that is needed for me. Making more money be it FIAT or Crypto is only there to allow me to pay someone else to do other crap so that I get more of my day back. In the end I HODL through some of this because trading with my knowledge and skills doesn’t compare to my day job. Lastly all my crypto investments could drop to 0 and my life style wouldn’t change a bit and in fact was improved as I have less debt. Sure I could have paid off a bit more of my debt but I would have had to give up some more of my precious time to do that. Right now i am ok with the balance I have.


I point you to one of my points of this, “well i will just hodl for 5 years and then come back with a lot more $$ without having to worry” or “i don’t care if it drops 30% in a week as in 5 years this drop won’t matter”

  • There’s no such thing as being “in it for the long run” on anything other than $BTC.
    99% of all $CRYPTO projects, even valued at billions are complete & utter trash. They are worthless. They provide nothing of value, will never be used in real life & will be dead in 5 years


SMDH. Here we go again, traders in the space just don’t get the concept of being born into slavery, and the second you sell your trades/investments back into dollars you are buying right back into the system that lives to see you broke.

A USD never did shit for me thats why I put my faith in BTC…read it and weep, and this is why I have a problem with 95% of all traders. #1 because they are new to crypto and think they got it all figured out. Been here since the run up or a few months before and they are convinced they are genius for selling back to FIAT broken economics during a short-mid term down trend. They buy into the FUD and they spread it. New people that come into the space turn trader with bearish sentiment towards bitcoin and block chain because of it and only seek profit in the same thing these currencies they are trading are trying to defeat or compete with. It spreads like wildfire and its the reason why bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are experiencing this downtrend further. Downtrend should’ve ended in February and we would be experiencing minor correction back up to the top, but no its not happening.

It amazes me when people say a dollar can’t make a difference 50 dollars can’t make a difference and that only whales control the market, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. EVERYONE who buys cryptocurrency investing and trading whether it be 10 thousand dollars down or 50 dollars down it has an impact in the economy. Every time you sell back to FIAT you drain demand and cause the supply to raise back up. If everyone would just change their sentiment on BTC and DCA into several key positions like those we are witnessing and hodled we would be fine. If you want to trade TRADE THE ALTS TO ACQUIRE MORE BTC!! don’t sell back to fucking FIAT. Trade till you can acquire BTC…not euros, not rubles, not rupees, not dollars…fuck that shit its dying, the world around you is collapsing. People are freaking out in so many countries at the deep state level. They are colluding to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrencies when you sell out and they are also colluding with large banks and buying up every precious metal, mineral, etc.

The bearish mentality that has festered on the pub is sickening and its a shame to see people post such ridiculous ideas and think it has substance. You trust your government to much and that is why they are MK Ultraing you into killing each other, feed your livestock shit which you eat in turn, and chemtrailing the everlasting shit out of you because they know at the end of it all they got you. You are their little bitches.

You know how badly it hurt them when people who hodled bitcoin became millionaires as it was running up?? It killed their souls because they realized we are getting smarter…well at least some of us. Don’t choke on your dollars they are getting dry…


Who is your target audience for this post? Half of your points are directed at people who are “doing this full time” but the majority of people who are legitimately trading full time already know these points. Or don’t have so much invested that “hodling” is putting them in danger of losing their house.


You are making an assumption here and this is just an opinion not fact. I agree with you on many points this is one i disagree with you on. Over 80% of my holdings are in BTC so who gives a shit if 20% of less than 1% of my holdings is in what you call a shit coin. It is essentially a lottery ticket. I waste more money on stupid gadgets that turn out to be crap than what I have in alt coins. So it is not worth my time or stress worrying about it on a daily basis.


Only Play with what you can afford to lose is usual point number 1 in most peoples plan anyone sticking their house on the line is a tool.


Anybody else here feeling SUPER optimistic about $CRYPTO right now?!?!?!

Woo-hoo guys, claps let’s go!! Let’s make it happen!

This is not an echo chamber! Stay positive!
30k $BTC here we come XD

Don’t forget to buy the dip guys! Lambo soon xD! Strong support at 7k! FIAT IS SO EVIL LOL


Toxic… .



  • Drop to 5-6k within 1-2 weeks
  • Week-long rally to 13-14k
  • Weaker alt season where most newbies will break even at best
  • They’ll be too greedy to sell
  • Year-long bear market, $BTC to 2k
  • Possible cataclysmic event (major exchange hack)


I agree. We love sharing ideas and information at the pub. It’s a free community. The “I told you so” attitude won’t really motive people to view the situation from your perspective, it creates walls my friend.

#HODL is a minimum-effort strategy invented for complete, brainless plebs & normies. You buy & hold for years. Your grandparents could do it.

I get your point, but calling people brainless doesn’t make your point any smarter. Besides, I don’t think Peter is a normie. Do you? :crazy_face: DCA is a lifestyle, we focus on the bigger picture.

Edit: @heavilyarmedclown replied to you by mistake.