Let’s trace it back:-

You: Bitcoin is centralized due to failed coding. This leads to ASIC mining and centralization.
Me: No, there is no failed coding. Satoshi didn’t foresee ASIC invention when Bitcoin was invented. Because Bitcoin is decentralized, there is no one who can just say, “Alright, let’s change the code to ASIC-resistant”.
You: Correction, ANYONE can change the code to ASIC resistant. and they did.
Me: No, they didn’t. No one can “change” the original code. People can make a fork of the original code.
You: Forking is what I was talking.

See, this traced back to your original statement saying that “Bitcoin is centralized due to failed coding”, which is simply not true.

You need to follow the chain of conversations; otherwise, it’s difficult to engage in an intelligible discussion. Most of your posts were short and lacked substance; most of them were filled with opinions and subjectivity. I doubt if you had even gone through the B90X program.


anyone can change the code and they did. VTC, LTC, GRS. By the way they’re all pumping as im talking about this.

anyway i dont care what u think. im right. goodnight


Tether is going to the moon!!! :rocket:


Got my average down to 93cent… who said buying the bear trend was mad? :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


I might get into trading, but to do it right I’d need to spend a lot of time and energy that I’d rather spend on other endeavours of my life and vocation (there are many things we can invest in other than coin). So HODLing makes sense to me.

If you’re devoting your life vocation to trading, to excel at it, to build a great life for you and those you love, I respect that. And I appreciate a good provocative post. As a newb, I have found it both confronting and refreshing to see the recent surge of challenge to the HODL doctrine. I’ve learnt a lot by seeing ideas pitted against each other in this thread. When any approach becomes blind unquestioned dogma I think we are lessened. But then, the challengers to the HODL dogma so often just swap in their own dogma. Different content, same message, “I’m right, you’re wrong.”

“Brainless” for HODLing? Ah… really? The sarcasm and ridicule just comes across as arrogance and overshadows the message (some of which is great food for thought). Maybe that’s a style thing. I don’t mean to get all high and mighty. Just want dignity for all.

Anyway, may we all live long and prosper, one way or another.


Funnily enough, it is almost like @peter read our discussion.
Check out his video rant posted today:

Specific comment made from 18:10 min to 20:04 min… :boom::boom::boom:


what i really like about Exodus wallet, you can transfer, buy, sell within and adding new alts all the time… Say, wouldn’t you hazard a guess that as the world fiats get into Turmoil / trade wars = Crypto should start to be gathered up [ worry & comfort ] :bomb: then :airplane: and w/ the Regs this yr. - 2019 is going to explode when Funds pile in,:boom: :rocket: when Brokers Market gets involved. :boom: :flying_saucer: TDAmeritrade and all the others…


Yes. You can trade/transfer to new coins in exodus but you have no control over the exchange rate or fees.


don’t worry, our dollars will not collapse, i believe exodus is decentralized… i’m a hodlr, fees don’t bother me… IN & OUT fees matter…