SEO... is... working...!

We’re starting to get ranked a bit higher as our community builds content. This is all very good stuff folks!

Pretty neat to see that Google is finding this community site and indexing it well.


The Pub beast is learning.


Nothing like organic traffic :slight_smile:


Of course SEO is working :slight_smile: Especially SEO tools help for a website owner to keep it at the top of the Google search list. As for me, being a site owner, it’s easy to keep my site at the leading positions and it wouldn’t be possible without SEO tools… Personally, I’ve been using SEO tools from these guys seogroupbuy due to 27/7 support and cheap prices. For example, there I buy about 40 tools for only $40, isn’t it great?! SEO tools really simplify my monitoring work and let me see what’s wrong with my site and what I have to change or fix. That’s why me site remains at the top of Google search :wink: