SEO optimization

What is trending in 2020 talking about SEO?

The same things that were trending in 2019, I guess. People still use backlinks, outreach and other stuff like that.

Well, I guess you’re right. Especially in this part about backlinks. Some people say that they’re outdated, but I know people still use this stuff. Now it’s called “linkbuilding”. I had a problem with my site’s ranking and one of my friends told me that I should buy high-quality links from a company he used to buy links from. I did so and it actually helped. Now my website have a good page ranking. BTW, before that I’ve tried to buy links from Chinese, but their links were horrible.

I would never recommend buying backlinks as the person above, it’s a good way to get your site’s rating crushed. The only way to get good SEO is to optimize your content for the right keywords, write quality content for keywords that you are aiming for, and build quality backlinks from reputable domains.

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