Seoul Emerging as the first blockchain city


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Seoul Metropolitan Government appoints members of its ‘Blockchain Governance Team’ Using ICON’s Public Blockchain

Supports issuance and browsing through mobile phones, preventing falsification and fake issuance by recording history on the blockchain


(Image) Mobile letters of appointment based on the ICON public blockchain

February 8th, 2019, Seoul - The Seoul Metropolitan Government issued mobile letters of appointment to its Blockchain Governance Team using ICON’s public blockchain.

ICONLOOP, one of the largest blockchain enterprise in South Korea developed mobile letters of appointment for the Seoul Blockchain Governance Team. The mobile letter can be issued and browsed through the Governance Team member’s personal mobile phone. A Governance Team member can issue a letter of appointment with a name, member identification number and membership terms after accepting the terms and conditions.

Letter of appointment issuance records are stored on the ICON public blockchain, making falsification and fake issuance impossible. Also, authenticity of the record can be verified on the ICON Tracker ( by searching for a specific transaction. ICON Tracker is a block explorer for ICON that displays all transaction records on the network to enhance transparency and data accessibility.

According to ‘Plans for Blockchain City Seoul’ announced last October, Seoul Metropolitan Government has organized the ‘Seoul Blockchain Governance Team,’ aiming to provide blockchain administration services across several industries.

The Seoul Blockchain Governance Team consists of 100 citizens comprised of college students, developers, corporate representatives, and more. The team plans to participate in a pilot operation of blockchain-based administration services, and provide feedback and recommendations from January 2019 through December 2020. Additionally, they will participate in the development process of Seoul Metropolitan City’s administration services, which include mileage points integration, citizenship card services, online authentication without documents, protection for part-time workers’ rights, and sub-contract payments.

“We expect the increase in public blockchain use-cases led by government, and this appointment letter issuance is a starting point to show a clear example of how blockchain can be used in government” said J.H. Kim, council member of the ICON Foundation and CEO of ICONLOOP. Kim added, “ICONLOOP will focus on improving development capability to provide transparent and efficient blockchain-based administration services, cooperating with Seoul Metropolitan Government.”

ICONLOOP was selected as an operator of Seoul’s standard blockchain platform for the ‘Seoul Blockchain Demonstration Project’ and the ‘Seoul blockchain-based ISP (Information Strategy Planning) Project,’ which is commissioned by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. ICONLOOP has been applying loopchain, ICONLOOP’s proprietary blockchain engine, to the Seoul Blockchain Standard Platform, used car trading system, and mobile-voting system. Additionally, ICONLOOP has provided other individual verification services such as the citizen card, mileage points integration, subcontract payment, and others. ICONLOOP, as the sole operator, has analyzed blockchain-based unit activities and informatization status, and established a multi-phase plan for ISP.

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The following article adds some very important context. Unlike Russia, Qatar, India, etc, South Korea will NOT be issuing a central bank backed digital currency (further hinting that ICON is the one).

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