Hey pubbers

Anyone else attending meetups and conferences this week? I’ll be going everyday to various events so if anyone else is interested in meeting up and checking out one of these events let me know!


There is a meetup this Saturday July 14th with WANCHAIN that I’ll be attending and on the 21st with RED PULSE that’s separate from the MAIN events.


Very good signs! Just a side note, looks like Bezant is going to a main sponsor for the event too!
This is part of the big picture for sure, might move prices briefly out of pure speculation, but for us long term thinkers these are the kinda’ things we want to be reading.

Lifting of ICO ban has to be the next logical step once everyone has their heads around what is actually going on in the blockchain space, the right call was made at the time. Now as the market slowly matures, hopefully so does the regulations that ring fence the korean market and crypto market right now.

A few big events I personally think that’ll flip this market on it’s head again, as help us go ultra bullish again…

  • Bitcoin ETF
  • Korea lifting ICO ban, and showing a massive green light to cryptocurrencies as a result.
  • Some kind of regulation that allows institutional investors to get in with confidence.