Setup Stand-by Node or Backup Node on XinFin MainNet

What is a stand-by Node or backup Node?

A standby node is a type of node, which exists mainly to replace a permanent node when it fails. That is why; it is also termed as a back-up Node. It does not contain any data or performs any computations. However, when it takes the place of a failed node, it contains all its projects and performs all computations of the replaced node.

What is the Purpose of the Stand-by Node or Backup?

Stand-by Node keeps a check on traffic inflow so that it can automatically take over when the active node fails. Thus, it makes the Blockchain Network more robust and stable. If any Master node / Validators nodes resign or go out of the network, then Standby Node becomes a master node and starts participating to write the Network Transaction.

To know the differences between a master node and a stand-by node and step-by-step guide to Setup a Stand-by Node with XinFin MainNet in 8 Simple Steps. Read the article:

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