Shapeshift - Adds Membership Services! - A Great Idea!



I understand why they’re doing this. It still makes me kind of sad though, because it means shapeshift as we know it is changing. I hate that you will no longer be able to use shapeshift in its current form in the future.

Hopefully the benefits of membership will outweigh the drawbacks…because to me this sounds like its really about KYC/AML regulation


Shapeshft is being put under KYC/AML regulation for sure… Though cross chain atomic swaps are coming and this will replace the ability to make private transactions people are losing right know. Eric has been one of the best people in the space for a long time and i’m sure the banking cabal let him know he would have to use KYC/AML regulation if he wanted to avoid going to war with them. I don’t think the regulatory world understands that decentralized exchanges with coin mixers and cross chain atomic swaps can create a world where KYC/AML is no longer enforceable. In history things that are not enforceable don’t last… I personally follow the KYC/AML world because I don’t want to go to jail, but my point is in the future the tech will likely make KYC/AML unenforceable and new tax methods like tax coins will be invented to try and find a new balance… If Shapeshift was run anonymously in the cloud who would the system approach about KYC/AML? This is the case for running in the cloud anonymously from another country. As long as suggests that people follow local laws it is up to the individual to follow the law;-) Also just as much as the KYC/AML laws are helping humanity they are hurting humanity when that system is used in an authoritarian surveillance type of way. I wonder how much time before changes it’s modal to add KYC/AML???


Looks like has it’s own KYC/AML =