Shapeshift API - A Simple Crypto Payment Gateway


Hi everyone. I’m looking to streamline accepting cryptocurrencies with a payment gateway for people. Shapeshift offers something called Shifty (not Shitty.) Shifty allows vendors to accept around 60+ alt coins for payment processing. Payments are then converted to a crypto of the merchant’s choice.

I first found out about this because my husband read that overstock is using the API. So I went over to check them out. Take a look at how simple this is:


Here’s a link to the API:
Here’s a link to the open source Shifty Button:

Has anyone used the Shifty button on their shop? Or actually payed with crypto on overstock?


Haven’t used them, but that’s a pretty slick plugin. Mass adoption win!


Can anyone familiar with Shopify please tell me where this snippet is supposed to go in the code?


Shapeshift support confirms they don’t have a Shopify integration or a widget. I’m just going to see where the snippet will fit in the store code now. If anyone else has success placing the code, let a gal know!