Should i buy genesis mining?



Yeah, I did lodge a support ticket, and then after 8 days I filed another one even though I could read on their website that it could take up to 3 days before they would answer, so I was prepared. But after 8 days I sent in another.

Horrible support…

Sure slow payouts is frustrating, but buying a contract with limited days, and not being able to begin mining is even more frustrating.


Aha, ok got it, getting used to the interface here


Actually i notice that GM webpage dont always show all payouts! There are missing days in the payout but if i check the blockchain explorer (depending on your coin) or my wallet i do get payed. But yes sometime there is a huge delay also. Its a mixed bag of hurdle :frowning:
Still i cant complain about the BTC contract i got. Pretty decent payout daily.
@Brett240 as long as i get 0.00x amount i keep it in BTC, if we go 0.000x i will change to LTC for sure :slight_smile:


Hashflare is a good alternative. Your mining starts after 24 hours of payment. However, it is only a 1 year contract. With the current price of BTC and difficulty, the return is very good. ROI In 83 days.


Thanks will check it out.


So let me try to understand this.

You select Monero XMR mining, and then change the mining allocation to LTC.

Then you set up an LTC wallet in the setting, and then the Monero XMR mining will be paid out in LTC in your LTC wallet. Correct?


Exactly! Now i get daily payout instead of waiting 2 month.


Great, thanks man! …


HI Vampyren,

Did you buy some contract from genesis mining?
I am selling my Genesis-mining account so if interested please contact me.



Howdy, yes i bought 40TH and its so so. Changed to LTC payout now so i get rid of the fee. I’m getting like 0.29843162 daily.
I think GM sucks compared to hashflare so i wont be buying more GM. And if someone is interested i would sell it also if anyone is interested.
my 100TH on hashflare gives me 0.01x daily, today was really good: 0.01516905 BTC




You really think GM sucks as the contracts are lifetime? My 172 TH pays me
approx 0.024 BTC per day
I could maybe change it to LTC. You think it is better?

Well i hope to find someone to sell it to.


In my experience yes its very bad compared to my Hashflare.

  1. You can not save the BTC and send it when you want. Meaning you pay daily high fee! that is insane. I dont even know how much the fee is.
  2. Lots of missing info on dashboard, several days missing and never gets updated, it seems they send the coin but miss updating the dashboard.
  3. Payout lag 2-3 days behind, meaning you dont get to check the reward being consistent with calculator and other sites. Like now i see hashflare payed most today in the last 10 days. Would want to compare to GM but i cant since i will get that reward in 2-4 days!

And yes i recommend using another payout like LTC so you get lower fee. On the other hand there is the risk of price going down/up for each coin. Anyway i just recently changed to LTC and will keep it like that since i loose to damn much on fee otherwise.

The lifetime contract dont mean anything in my opinion. After maybe 6 month the hashpower will be very low anyway so unless you keep upgrading it i dont see it being worth anything in a year. Also with hashflare you can re-invest with your mined reward right away! No shitty waiting for GM contract to be released than waiting for several months again. When i got this 100TH i got reward day after.


i like hashflare too. ordered 50th for about 7500 dollar last october. 1 day after payment they raised the price (50th=11500 or so) what a luck :stuck_out_tongue: now i save all the btc at least for 1 year so i dont have to pay taxes


My two cents - I think you’re better off buying good crypto and waiting for the price to rise. In cloudmining, your money is tied up for the contract and dependent on the company charging reasonable fees. It doesn’t seem worth it to me (disclosure: I have one small active contract!) because you hand control to the company (who may even just be people who bought the platform format without knowing much about any of it).


genesis mining have very high price for bitcoin cloud mining contract. I am using Low prices and they have 1, 2 year and unlimited mining contracts.


Maybe you want to look at Genesis Mining… a in depth look into my investment… so called “open ended” BTC mining contracts will be terminated soon!


I think it is definitely worth buying Gm contracts.I have a few and never have I regreted. They are all working just fine all the time.
So, I have upgraded my contracts to Radiant when I was offered from Genesis and I think I did the right thing. I don’t see any problems with my paymants untill now, it is all ok.
Overall, I am more than satisfied with GM as a platform/company so I would allways reccomend buying contracts in GM. They are legit and transparent and I feel secure with my investment. I am thinking about investing there again.