Showing my work in TradingView - Strategy (stop struggling with trading)



If you are struggling with crypto trading or if you are new to trading this may be a good start for you.

The strategy I designed analyze several indicators on every candle in order to detect best entries or exits in the market for any asset you want

The strategy was able to attract several crypto traders together because of the success of it and now most of them are hanging in a discord group sharing signals to each other. Feel free to join if you want to.

There is a guide for the strategy that you can read in the link below in order for new joiners to understand how to use it properly:

Link to the strategy in tradingview:

hope you find it helpful :slight_smile:

Happy trading.


@NicoTez, Thanks for sharing. I see you’re from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Post a version of this in Spanish if you’d like, in our Hispanos section in the 'pub.


Gracias Nico! Viví en Mendoza por seis meses, me encantó. El destino me llevó a Buenos Aires en el 2002 para lanzar la infraestructura tecnológico para la casa de subastas Christie’s y me encantó esa ciudad histórica! Saludos y ¡gracias por compartir su estrategia! I’m with @johnnytturbo, post the spanish version for our latin investors!


Has anyone in the community used @NicoTez’s bot? Sounds interesting and I would love to hear your feedback.