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what would it be?

someone in the other thread was asking me about that. so if i had to buy something now, it is

i think its not too late to buy in a 50% position now and add on a pb or a higher base. target around $2

i think this project has potential to grow. it is very volatile. i dont have a specific target but looking for x10. longer term hold. its still good to buy in here even a full position like 3-5% of portfolio

little late here, so consider either on pb or like in ZRX start with a 50% position and add either on a pb to breakout level or on a higher base. looking for new ATHs against BTC

this is it for now. i am invested in all of the above. feel free to post what u think is still a good buy on current level


I think a lot of people would vouch for me if I said ICX. I’m saying ICX.


i know ICX is the forum favorite and i was thinking about saying except for ICX… i am not quite sure if it is good here, i would rather wait some more to see how it digests the gain. in my opinion, ICX was good around 2.50 or lower. here i would only take a small position if impatient. thats what I did…


EOS is pretty good now too. I think you could pick up any coin at current price and be happy a few weeks from now. I also think NEO at ~$56 is a good price currently too.


I’m currently doing a DCA experiment with Red Pulse (RPX) for a year, kind of like what Peter was doing. I would definitely look into these coins, but do your own due diligence of course.

  1. Red Pulse

  2. Loopring

  3. Deep Brain (trading starts after Christmas).

  4. OMG

  5. NEO


My top 3 right now would be

  1. Civic
  2. Neo
  3. No Limit Coin (NLC2)



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PASC breaking out. I think now its little late.


What is your time horizon on ZRX? How long before it reaches $2 u think?


I’m of course 100% with you on this, ICX


ICX at 4.30 USD is marvellous if you assume it goes to 25 and 50 USD in 2018.


another one that I like is LBC, i think its ready for a rebound. I bought some of it yesterday, but only half position. now it feels little late too

as for ICX i have a small position. the pb yesterday was quite good to add. now its up 30% and at $5. If i dont get my $2.75ish then i will wait for it to base higher and may tripple or more my position using existing gains as insurance. not sure if it can make x250 to x400 from ico price in in one move. oftentimes it was better to be a little bit patient when it was up big already

also i am watching GNT XEL for a rebound. many charts look similar right now


what i actually did is i added very small ICX here on this little pb at 4.80.


Civic was a good call. +50% nice. i have it on watch for so long but like many others it already moved quite a bit from the lows


Whats your oulook on ZRX now. Started to drop in price today


high hopes on
nex (starting january i think)
icx (im all in atm)


Iam 80 % stratis and 20 icx :slight_smile: i Think it Will get Big in 2018 :slight_smile:


Your thought about


bnb really shot up. wish i had more than just fee money in it. i doubled up almost…monero trade did it good


i held a few bnb but also sold for icx.
but i think bnb will rise until mid jan. when binance buys back bnb with 20% of their profit and burn those coins.
after that i think it will drop a bit but bnb will be very steady i think… most of the ppl jsut hold a few bucks bnb and they dont trade 15$ worth of a coin into btc just because of another stupid fork. bnb looks to me like a safe isle of alts tanking and going into btc…
but im not willing to sell icx at this timeline just to be safe from the btc fork tanking