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closed BTC 13200

reduced some alts for ZEC. zec so low transaction fees and so fast, better than BCH+LTC


reduced more ZRX at 16000, now only holding tiny
closed VIA 47k

I’m waiting for better setups, trying to be patient.


like i said, I feel much more relaxed being only 50% invested right now.

I reduced some STRAT at $21, all I did.

the market canbe in 3 different situations: accumulate, hold or reduce. To me, it is on reduce up here. lock in some gains, leave some runners if the market continues higher. either you have made ur gains in the past 2 months or u missed it. there will be many new opportunities in future, now however its the time to be cautios and dont lose it again. its not the right time to buy in, imo.

another view on the market I have is the traffic light. It is yellow: meaning caution, be very selective, the market doesnt forgive many faults up here while during green phases, the market forgives many mistakes

sorry that I couldnt answer ur questions here yet and to the ones who pm’ed me, but I just moved from the US back to germany and have so many things to get setup.


cash remains king for now in this south korean FUD.

bitcoin with a decent rebound off todays low, if this level holds, could be beginning of next leg up after many beibg shaken out. depends on news flow from south korea though.


I kind of enjoy to see ripple back below $1 right now. I do not support this project. not touching it


Do you see any signs of consolidation or is the market still shaky?


the market is in a consolidation. I use bitcoin chart to get an idea of the overall health of the crypto market. now price is below the 65ema which is bearish.

another bearish signal to me is when 50sma is falling which it doesnt do yet but will do if it doesnt recover quickly, it can be a strong resistance.

todays hammer candle if it closes like here at 11k+ above 100sma that would be bullish to me, in addition the psychological 10k mark held so far and there was a decent shakeout as well which usually is bullish.

so there are mixed signals. I also see some character change in the price action, that is an increase of selling and higher volatility both of which is bearish to me. the market looks broken and may need some time. I would be as I was saying for a while already, very cautios and selective. the light is still yellow (caution). it is not red to me, I would consider an invest ratio of 40% reasonable, but not much more.


I’m seeing good things here after consulting my experts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I used to have doubt. I used to be an non-believer. I used to question witch doctor, voodoo shaman, @siamoss . I ridiculed him when he shorted bitcoin at 18500 Short that bitcoin (18500) -> reshort 15300 closed 12700 avg. Bitcoin long 11150 But then I saw the holy light. Go back in all his treads and read the predications. I will welcome you to our congregation with open arms after that :smiley:


reduced some STRAT, ZEC, BTC, ZRX on this rebound right here. about 10% of portfolio size


Telcoin is going to be HUGE!


Anyone high on RPX? just bought a bunch of it on KuCoin… also increased my position on Edgeless


Bitcoin about to break down paychological 10k mark. everything red and no telling when market bottoms out here. I reduced many times and i am currently about 20% invested.


20% in what? BTC or other currency’s?


I’m super high on LINK right now.

Those billions of smart contracts will need oracles. Chainlink network is the only decentralized, trustless, network of oracles.


bitcoin finally breaking down that 10k

not doing much, just watching with most funds being sideline as indicated. now is the period when most traders lose money in my opinion or profits melting away which is basically the same thing.


What are your thoughts on ETH? It’s surprisingly resistant.


I just bought some BTC 8500, lets see. still most funds in cash

cash is king!

but market seems oversold on the short term time frame


now 8800, nice back to 10k please

posted live


i just picked up .5 btc worth of icx and .5 of VEN

best of luck!