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bullish div on 15 min and this reaction off the 8500 mark looks like buyers jumping in here, may be adding


doubled BTC 6870€ limit filled, got a bit lucky


6870 was just retested on bitstamp, watch last 5min candle, low was 6838€. i love this higher volatility on the BTCEUR pair on bitstamp


ICX going up slightly SELL SELL SELL!


i think good buy ICX if u picked some up around 5.50, can move stop to cost already. decent move off the low


Big whale sitting at 6860. unless volume has a massive pickup that’s the ceiling for now. I might play off that a little bit.


BTC about to go green. went long 1 day early. massive buying off the 100day, nice shakeout. want to see strength now, dont think i allow it to get a loser anymore.


I like that green hammer candle. its always difficult to catch the low. usually prices can drop way lower than ppl can imagine. I am just trading price and volume, no hodl here, I have a sophisticated risk management implemented. If you invest your yearly or decade paycheck, you dont hodl that shit. I dont believe in cryptos nor stocks nor any other asset. I only believe in my stop.


You are wise asdfsdfasdf


i closed BTC with minor profit.


imagine u traded ur 10k initial investment all the way up to like 1M in 2017, realizing profits here and there which causes short term tax of like a few hundred k… and now ur overall portfolio is only worth this much. then what r u gonna do? sell all to pay tax or risk debts that u may have to pay off for so many years?


buying back some ICX at 2.55 just for the lolz… sold 9 and 11 before


also bought back some bitcoin around 5700


Do you see any new entry points at this levels, or is the market trend still bearish?


ICX doing good, +60% in profit now, with these gains its a decent position.

bitcoin, too early again and didnt add on this new low. may have seen the low for a while but still long against the trend.

the trend is down as per TA, lower lows followed by lower highs and like almost every support is broken. bitcoin chart looks nasty, but i think its okay to get back in if u sold higher like in the 15k area. it means like u almost trippled ur BTC if u stayed in cash

i mean better to buy bitcoin now at 6k than around 15k

i told my buddies i wish to see a 100B market cap again when it was still at 750B and nobody believed me. now we’re almost there

5700 entry in BTC was in € btw


cryptos have been good to me, portfolio still in profit year-to-date but honestly, its a major draw down from the high watermark and it doesnt feel good. If i think about the value lost, oh my gosh!


everyone wanted lower prices, here they are…


Yea, I bought NEO at $66 last night. Was able to quadruple the amount of NEO I currently hodl.


Same! Big gains in less than 24hrs.


one thing i know about crash markets and rebound trading, dont buy the rebound. it hurts to see all ur favorite coins being up 20% and more and ur just sideline watching and feeling u missed it. i would be very careful about it. as for rebound trading, u need to buy the oversold market condition. the more oversold the better. for rebound trading other rules apply than for breakout trading. long is against the trend. many times in a downtrend, when market is up and u get in late, your position is in the red very quickly