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Good investment my dude. Delighted for you!


bought STRAT back around $8.50, also added to bitcoin


added ICX here at 4080sat, added little more bitcoin


You are back!!! :grinning: You have been dearly missed Guru siamoss :grin::grin:


haha, thanks. didnt do much, just sitting on mainly cash and watching the market bottoming. I called out the 100B cap and we got close to that level, something like 240B was the low so far. Now im not sure if we’ll see 100b, but maybe bitcoin $5000 would be nice to reenter. but i think we’re close to the bottom now, may have seen it already. so good time to accumulate some


doesn’t ethereum have zn-starks which is a better version of zec’s privacy feature?


Well I for one am glad you are back! And I hope you will stay :grin:


im bagholding untainted ETH from like $1200 that i wanted to use for an ICO pre sale that needed to be cancelled because of lost trust in the guy who wanted to deliver them.


I am long Siacoin from 160sat. I would wait for a pullback though, for example retest of breakout level. its a bit extended now


i just trippled my ICX position here at 3350 sats @ btcusd 7000


Do you think it will outperform btc short term?


ICX is now valued around 900M. in case the project is successful and market turns back positive, I think it would be possible to reach a valuation of 10B. that is a 10x reward, fair for me. rather medium/long term position.

i am looking to buy back more BTC around $3500-5000

if ICX is then down to like $1 (or around 350M cap), then i may tripple that position one more time.



bitcoin long add 7000


ADA first long at $0.155. cap with 4B still quite high but chart looks like its bottoming here and the entire market could form a bottom somewhere here in this 150 to 250B total cap.


Nice. Appreciate your thoughts on the matter more than any positive news coming out.


I’m thinking about increasing my entries. Do you think is a good time to stock up on ADA?


not sure if its a good time but definitely a better time than january. I only took a small to medium size position. an as you know if you followed my posts, I have been mostly in cash since the beginning of this year. For me it is okay to put a foot back into the market here. However, I wouldnt be surprised if the market continues lower. we are in an obvious downtrend and no telling where is gonna be the bottom.


I’ll wait for a bit longer I guess to see if keeps going down, if not, ill stock up a bit before may/Jun bull run. Really appreciate your insight. Thanks!


I think now is the very best time to buy ICX for USD here at $2.20. lock and loaded