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bitcoin ADA ICX

here we go!!


added more BTC 7900
long DRGN around $0.80


bitcoin the big fona


bitcoin to $40,000 long


100k years end watch


buying more bitcoin… 8100

strat looking really good, need more


here my cryptofolio overview. back in invested with about 74%, all positions should be in profit. performance ytd is +29% as of now. I think OK for this market. I am not taking such high risks, fokus more on funds protection / risk management. for me more important


Edit: ah no, ETH I bought it around $1300 lol for an ICO that didnt take place

edit2: the 2nd btc with 7.46% must be removed. I added it to the first row. have it on different exchanges


@hackers (thinking about Ian Balina)
please dont try to hack my accounts. Its not worth it. I dont have millions and I have spread it among many exchanges. I also use different passwords for all of them. and i use 2FA. And I also have trezor btw.


if you bought ICX with me you should be up +65% now.

Edit why it doesnt post the image


then I do like this. should have button to incert a picture from a link or i just dont see it

just look at the beauty of this rebound


Bitcoin is in quite an interesting area here at 8500ish. I can see some resistance and it would look really nice breaking higher here. Next targets then would be 10,000 and 12,000.

however, looking at the weekly much higher targets can be derived. actually, nothing much happende on the downside. just a correction, some increased selling, yes. many weak hands shaken out and new investors that burned their fingers. On the weekly, the trend is still up and turns very bullish above 12,000. Then we would be targetting ATH and top resistance lines. full fomo line currently located around 80,000 and no telling if we ever retest it. I would appreciate it though


I did my dear friend, I did. Thank you so much! :grin::money_mouth_face:


you’re welcome! glad you could benefit from it


So many amazing projects!
Long-term and short-terms gains to be had!


bitcoin guys… it broke resisitance. it just sliced through this 8500 like nothing. cu at 10,000!



This currency will 100x by early 2019!

Top 10 crypto that will shoke the space in a few days!


thanks for posting both the ICOs. XinFin looks quite interesting with Roger Ver as advisor. I didnt research much but dont they have some kind of partnership with JPM? maybe its the next ripple… what I dont like about XDCE tokens is the little cirulating supply. only 20% is a red flag to me. But STORM for example also had only 20% for ICO and it worked out quite well.


I added little more bitcoin on the dip yesterday around 8750. Thinking about adding more right here as is breaks 9000. It would be better if it rests a little (e few days at least) more to gain enough strength to take out this 9100 resistance. but I am afraid it just works higher here without looking much back


so i did what I just said, i added little more BTC 8990. I am going to set up bitmex now for margin longs since im invested almost 100% again, this is the only way to trade BTCUSD and also to hedge your alts agains bitcoin if necessary. maybe we see crazy times again soon