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Just want to say I’ve been reading your post for several months on this thread and appreciate your contribution. More than anyone else, you have been able to read this market. I remember right before the bare market started you said we were heading in time of caution and that cash was it’s own position. Keep educating the board with your strategy.


100% agree. Not only did he predict the bear market, he shorted(!) Bitcoin when everybody was in a crazy FOMO state. And he was right. That´s real conviction and real skin in the game, not just empty talk.


reduced 1/3 MANA at 3050 sats about +120% from entry


XinFin’s hybrid blockchain is a fork of JP Morgan’s Quorum blockchain. But apart from that, XinFin has nothing to do with JP Morgan.


market update:
quite some selling and profit taking going on today. good to have decent gains to be able to sustain this volitility. so far so good, BTC stabilizing around 9000 and above 9000 is good to see. 8500 must hold, below 8500 I would get more concerned and probably be starting to reduce. I only closed UTK today for bitcoin as my stop got hit. everything else im holding, first target remains 11600. then I have to watch price action to decide if its worth taking the risk to go for new ATHs.

so nothing much to do here, just sitting

not adding the pullback, it screws up my entries. would only be adding on strength and higher line above 10000 at least

if crypto hype gets reloaded, I will margin long bitcoin on bitmex using x10 or x20 leverage


closed siacoin at 280sat

sudden spike up of about +100% in sia. limit 375 didnt get filled. im taking the profit now


reduced 50% ADA at around 0.36 for nice profit. also closed SALT.

market recovered quite nicely again. so if it keeps going, thats good. however, taking some profits here and there also doesnt hurt. just taking a little bit off the table


When you say profit, can I confirm you are referring to sats (BTC) and not back into fiat?

Thanks and keep up the good work !


profit i usually calculate in fiat currency. however, i sold for BTC, thats correct. I have my finger hovering above the sell button for EUR though if its not gonna hold current levels


Plz keep us informed when/if you decide to hit that sell button :pray:


market looks more bullish now with ETH leading. BTC nice bull flag, may follow ETH.


What is your short term outlook on ICX vs ETH?


@siamoss what is a good coin to buy now? :slight_smile:


in terms of risk reward it’s not a good location to buy here though market looks higher. I think best to be sitting / holding from lower. Be very picky with new entries here would be my suggestion. I dont have a setup right now. I am focussing on bitcoin.

some i would be rather looking to reduce / take partial profits such as eos, ada and everything that went over 100% from recent lows. although it is also true that every sell has been wrong in the last weeks.


ZRX another one that would be a reduce to me, sell the rip and increase bitcoin dominance in portfolio


I still have 0.09BTC in my bitcoinfog account from 2013 when i left it there. checked it a couple months ago. back then it was worth $20. i think they had a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.1BTC, would have had to deposit first. now it seems they lowered it to 0.035BTC. i think now worth the effort to get it back…


Did you get your BHC and other bitcoin-forks also, or did bitcoinfog keep the change for themselves?



i guess they keep the change.


Ok maybe i sell 1/3 of my icx for btc then! :slight_smile: