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i also reduced ICX and STORM by 20%. i have half in BTC now and half alts. BTC also less volatile if it starts a correction.


I’m pretty bullish on ZRX right now. It seems that J curve is starting to take off.


Do you have any good books to recommend on trading or just investment strategy in general?


Hey guys!
Just wrote a piece on HST and why i think its THE best investment of 2018.

Check it out and do some research on this one!


there are few books i would recommend reading but i havent read then. i want to though.

however, a lot of information can also be found on the internet. i actually dont like reading, i prefer watching videos.

i am on commissioning right now, have to check when im free again

these are topics to look for

  1. portfolio management
  2. risk management
  3. fundamental research
  4. technical analysis
  5. psychological effects


i would take 25% profit right now at 17000 on ZRX and limit sell another 25% at 19750 if holding from like 7000. keep runners…

i bought zrx from ico at around 4cents and reentered at 25cents or something posted here live. i would not buy it here no matter how crazy they go. too extended, no base, not for me


Smartlands $SLT Extremely low supply, ABT’s, #moonshot


bitcoin price action looks decent. approaching 10k mark again and good to have increased bitcoin ratio early. it is somewhat hurting to see bitcoin price and portfolio balance in USD rising but at the same time, balance calculated in BTC shrinking. this is why it may make sense to hedge alts with btc margin longs at times


Is your ratio still 50% BTC and 50% alts?


yes sir, about 50/50


from my point of view, this is really good price action on bitcoin right now. A break of 10000 too early would have most certainly turned into a fail breakout. there is too much resistance sitting on this level an the chart is somewhat extended. let it range trade a few more days or even a week between 9400 to 9900. traders get bored and throw the towel, undercut of 9500 has taken out some of short term stops and may have sucked in more bears. The market tends to go the way of highest pain. It needs to wash out the selling a bit more so when we break 10k and 200sma, traders will have to jump back in and bears need to cover. then we could see a quick move to 11k with volume


so it touched down to the buy area accurate to the dollar i would say


bitcoin better holds 9000. i see some signs of weakness though above 9200 and with this green candle of today, chart looks better now. we may have seen the local low here. im watching carefully and am ready to reduce quickly if necessary


You think is going to hold today or are you about to reduce?


i just reduced invest ratio to like 40%


adding back some BTC about $400 lower


What percentage? What do you think of ICX at this price point?


about 70% invested now, also bought back ADA STRAT


all adds out back to 40%


Appreciate the frequent updates!