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added back some bitcoin today around 8550. invest ratio 62%, just checked it. got lucky on LUN today, sold 0.00300, 0.0034 and 0.00399 with about +100% profit. still my portfolio took quite a hit on this pullback. should have reduced more when it was on highs. anyways, lets see if it can recover here off the 50 day SMA


adding more BTC 8750


here prove of my LUN sell, it actually was 0.00388. seems like snipping tool doesnt work so well on 4K screen, sry for the quality


You hold any ICX @siamoss ?


yupp, still holding 5% of portfolio in ICX from about $2.50 avg cost. reduced half already around 4.50 and 3.80


Go on IDEX or Bilaxy and buy some Bezant $BZNT.

If you’re looking for “top coin” plays, have a look at to see what’s lagging down the lowest from all time highs (up to you to decide if it’ll make it back there) and to see what you can expect coins to look like in the future - use the Y2050 check box to see total supply/better gauge of a realistic (lol) potential marketcap.


What’s the latest quarry?? Feeding time for the Hounds

We salivating on BZNT and HST only??


Still holding Btc at the same ratio?


Thoughts on getting some cardano(ADA)? Seems like they are close to implementing their staking. Good time to get in?



ZRX :zrx:

Coinbase rumors and a major dip have me gobbling up more of this token. Bright future ahead for this project.


cryptos out most. yesterday already, also ICX sold


Loading up on ICX during this dip.


Just out or also short?



and i thought i got bad fills. holy shit… coming down hard now. sadly the market couldnt keep going. was holding way too long. but not bagholding…

not short, no. unfortunately not.


Fortunately I also got out almost 100% yesterday. We shall see how long this down-trend lasts, but please keep us updated on your views, trades and if you see any signs of the trend reversing :slightly_smiling_face:


I bought some KMD today for around $2.60. It was like $3.40 the other day. Interesting coin, does a little of everything (i.e. atomic swaps, decentralized ICOs, somewhat of a privacy coin). Pays 5% interest if you use their wallet. Also looking at BLZ and LOOM since they are down almost by half from 2 weeks ago.


sell sell sell…



Already back in with ICX and BTC or any target prices man? :slight_smile:


Snatched up some NCASH last night. Great price to buy.