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#SRN, read below the chart:

My long term investment;)


bought back part of BTC around 7550. may take a year or so to digest these exponential gains in the crypto space.


ouch, lot of selling going on again. BTCUSD is one broken chart now, forming tripple bottom which often fails. expecting lower from here, 5000 next


ICX same story, looking for $1 to pick some up.


next leg down in the making, many sellers coming in today while only few buyers show up. 6000 not gonna hold for very long imo.


so 10000 to 6000 is like a 40% drop and the measure of this big base/trading range that may be broken down pretty soon. another 40% drop from here would be 3600 which is technically an interesting area. especially 3000 mark has decent past resistance to support


bitcoin long just now 35% of portfolio.


You think the market sentiment has changed? What is your target?


I dont have specific targets. Im just part of the swarm trying to be earlier than most of the swarm

its just a swing trade, lets see where the wind takes us


Bitcoin has big resistance overhead, the 55 EMA(yellow line) is now sitting right on the top of the horizontal resistance at $6870 also top of the BB. Bulls really need volume to pick up if they want to break through. ETF hype needed. Saying that i think alot of stops will be set just above resistance, so if it breaks we may see a BGD domino effect.


yeah, I’m watching that 6870 closely. breaking above would confirm an early uptrend after this higher low on the daily. Thats where I would consider adding


another view is the most recent high volume closes that it held nicely indicating there is accumulation on these levels around 6000. although the crypto market actually never closes, the candle closes at a time of usually low activity. which in addition coincides round about with that 100b cap. so I’m bit more bullish here now


vola spike BTCUSD

run forest run


now BTC even captured back that third high volume close at 6750. this is key chart to me and key level. it must hold 6750, then in about 12 tradind days, 50dma will turn up (latest) and giving a mid term long signal in addition to the new uptrend we see on the daily. also trading above 50dma is bullish. looking to add on pullback. better not to chase here imo




So much upside potential with these huge partnerships like Samsung and the fact its below 2$ right now?! So yeaaaaa I would probably empty my retirement fund and DCA it heavily if I had one lol


one more interpretation to my chart is, that all those traders that sold their BTC on these high volume selling days now see price above there sell while being sideline. that is very bullish and should provide strong support on every pullback


there are so many reverts of your question I applaud them but according to me kakushin, Zilliqa, the Zeex protocol may do it better and I would like to know about this future hiting coin of the month.


adding more bitcoin here at 7400


I will follow your lead (as always)


dont get confused about the name of this thread to be changed.

I think we will see one big green candle towards 7800 or 8000 by the end of this week end. maybe even tmrw. i can literally see it forming. no guarantee that it will happen.

50 dma turning positive. often times it gets retested… but i am very bullish on the market. lets see