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Do you hold any alts or only btc?


only btc and some rect factom


What do you think of BCH at this price point? Any opinions?


I think we will see one big green candle towards 7800 or 8000 by the end of this week end. maybe even tmrw. i can literally see it forming.

there is the candle… little small though. healthy sideways digestion of recent gains going on, very constructive price volume action


this is what i was looking for. momentum. now approaching 8200 even. hope u grapped enough to enjoy the ride. TA is green and fundamentals green. positive news flow. i wouldnt be chasing here but there will be another base formed sometime that allows a lower risk entry or adding point


I have enjoyed the ride! :smiley: Plz tell me when/if you think its time to start selling


Btw I have said it before and I will say it again. You´ve got magical powers!


there is no perfect exit point. It depends more on risk management and position size. So if your long on margin with a very big position from 6xxx, I would be reducing to a normal position size and lock in some gains, maybe buy back when market is telling us more information.

on a rather small or normal position size, I would just hold and watch price action. Today price broke above this upper resistance line. So interesting to watch if it can hold it above 8100ish. I can also imagine that it keeps going a bit more and retests it from above a few days later

What I am doing is using the 65 exponential moving average which currently is at about 7100 and rising already. Also the 50day simple moving average starts rising which to me is a mid term long signal. So I am interested in more profits then what we have seen, maybe 10k or even 13k and potential to see another hype setting in somewhere in this area. Then as the market gives me some more clues i may even be adding. That however also means risking the profits that i have in the book so far.

so as you can see, reduce, hold or add… all of which may be the right thing to do.


so i reduced my 7400 add at 8220, will buy back if it holds 8000


Thank you for the input! After considering what you wrote I think its probably wise for me to lock in some profits now. I can always jump back on the train later.


getting ready to step back into alts now. will buy against USD, that means buying bitcoin for every new alt position, must have at least the bitcoin dominance in btc %-wise. expecting bitcoin dominance to increase and after, altcoins will follow


lets name the best projects, leaders best, that are likely to outperform upcoming alt season. no fancy high risk stuff, top 100 cap at best.

so i have on my mind

something to add to this list?


Would add VET and ONT, i think they will do well, had big sell offs.





Plz update us when you buy back


BNB, we get another alt frenzy… exchanges like binance will get a hell of a lot of action.
If binance becomes a main player, we’ll be seeing $100 no problem!


some selling coming in following the rejection of the winklevoss etf.

now its getting really interesting to see how sustainable that most recent upmove really is. need to see buyers here or somewhat lower buying the dip back up. im watching closely the 10ema for now around 7600. fundamentally nothing much changed and also the drop so far is no big deal yet. in fact, the “elastic strap” was stretched too much after this move and its just releasing some tension following this news. at least thats how i see it for now


nice bounce, didnt even touch 10ema, but was very close to it at about 7700 that is. I am now more confident. very bullish price action


Have you bought back yet?


no nothing yet. i’m waiting and watch it settle. i try myself in being patient. sometimes it is 1 month i do nothing

only thing im considering to buy back right now is the add on bitcoin that i reduced at 8200