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bought back the add on BTC right here at 7540 which i sold few days back around 8200


BTC posting a short term sell signal today, vstop hcl3 trend change from long to short on the daily chart.

i hope it fails but market doesnt care what i want.


Are you reducing your position here or still waiting to see what happens?


not reducing, i just added as posted above. there are many signals in the market long and short and the vstop trendchange that i am looking at is just one part of the picture.


ICX first long (small) at around $0.94. small means like 20% of target size so i can make 4 more adds

the alt coin market is reaching oversold territory. but it is a rather steady and continous drop still. i think we may see another panic selloff with high volume that would provide low risk entries. that is when they are all giving up because they cant bear the pain anymore. then prices can drop dramatically even on these already low levels. this “capitulation” as u call it occurs unfrequently but is most often a good buying opportunity at least on the short term time frame. so its a good idea to watch the market closely the next days/weeks


I believe there was a sell-off of Alts to buy BTC when it started to climb. This separation created a good buying opportunity for Alts. As BTC seems to be the proverbial tide that raises and lowers the market, I think the Alts will continue to drop with BTC. As I look at the market today, many of my Alts are at or near their bottoms. I’m actually looking forward to lower prices to pick up some more.


I may have asked this before, I don´t remember, but do you give on-line paid lessons in trading strategies and technician analysis?


thanks for the request, but i dont offer trading lessons. i also dontt think u would need it. all information is accessible on the internet for free. if u search on utube u will find a lot of webinars. there is also a variety of books. however, not everything works well today. the markets change and things that work today may not work in a few years anymore. it takes time learning to read the market and how things are related to each other


now BTC is coming down way more and quicker than expected. now trading right above the 50day. so it is back in the danger zone. my average cost is about 6700, this is also the area of the uptrend line and first break out level and the last good support i see here. I will close the trade break even if we get back to this level


I closed ICX trade, basically against BTC almost no change… getting ready to liquidate bitcoin


I should have listened to my sell signal… seems like this is going down way more, only sellers on the tape


surprisingly or not so surprisingly… the high expectations cant be met. evaluations were/are still incredibly high as to what projects actually deliver. 100B total market cap BTC + alts next medium term target on the downside


below 6700 is a trend continuation break down. if u invert the chart, it would look very bullish… still somewhat extended on the short term time frame. late to sell, late to cover. rebound was dang weak. difficult to make right decision here but rather step away and be in cash. get a new mind set without bias


I have 25% my portfolio in Tesla TSLA stocks long a few days ago (see green arrow) and added. now elon musk twitters to take tesla private at $420. 27% of TSLA float is sold short. if this is gonna turn out true, it will go through the roof. and there may be even someone else showing up making a higher bet. I added today on the news at 362 as well. trading now halted awaiting news. there will be an argument with the SEC for sure since there was no adhoc only his tweet on twitter


closed BTC… :rage:


Btc omg :open_mouth: I thought you closed all your positions yesterday, so closed everything yesterday. That was some lucky misunderstanding on my part :sweat::pray:


You still think is worth to buy some Tesla or is everything priced in already?


Bought some Tesla. If anybody is going to be able to pull this of its Elon.


i closed TSLA yesterday at 372, dont lime price action, should have opened with gap and hold >380 imo


BTC with multi time frame oversold signal yesterday (green bar). can be the low here. annoying me that it came down so far