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Are you buying back here?


i will post when i buy.

usually tho its not a good idea to “blindly” follow my or anybodies trades. u always have to make your own setup. its good to get ideas from others but always see every information critical and get ur own conviction.


Off course. I have several srategies and setups. But one of my strategies is to follow people that are right consistently. When I am convinced, I follow them for awhile, and sort away those who I lose money on and keep the ones I make money on. You are the only one, so far, I have made money on everytime I’ve taken your advise. So I’m pretty convinced by now that you know your shit. Doesn’t mean you will be right everytime, but statically speaking I’m willing to bett you will be better than most people. So I’m going to keep following your lead. And I’m not betting my lifes savings on this, so even if it all goes south and I lose it all I will still thrive and survive.


back in BTC 6470 not big


closed btc 6270… …


ICX with multi time frame oversold signal. would be a pssible low risk entry here at 0.47 with close stop (5-10%max) to bet on a bounce back to 0.75/0.80

im not taking it though. btc may lose its 100b cap anytime soon. can cause lots of selling. bounces have been quite weak lately

crypot space is a complete mess right now


ICX target reached…


What do you think of btc now?


crazy sell off on bitcoin, another -40% from recent stable level above that 100B mark. as we see, in a bear market, prices usually go way lower than you would think and expect in the first place. I have only been watching for the past months and still no rush to jump in any time soon imo


oh, i just checked the coinmarketcap and we are nearing my 100B total crypto cap target. I called that target when we were around 800-900B and everyone looking at 1000B. ppl called me crazy about it and that this would be quite bloody. honestly I had doubts that we’d go that low. but i had more doubts to go higher back then. anyways now we’re almost there.


wow, factom must have had some news. as i wrote im still owning them from like $30. last time i checked them they were around $4-5, but now they had a decent rallye lately.

nice bounce from the 100b total market cap and first long signal on bitcoin to step back in today. I may be waiting for a pullback or scale in slowly

i cannot have 3 consecutive posts. thats annoying in my trading channel.


Have you started scaling in or still waiting for a pullback?


still watching the market, looking for undercut of recent lows. looking for something like this


Factom strongest in this market… my bag getting worth to prices that I am considering to get out


i sold my factom bag at $15 for bitcoin at about -50% loss