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Eh… what are you talking about Peter? This is, by far, the most interesting tread on the pub. Keep it alive.

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Please don’t stop writing in this tread. It’s the only reason I still keep checking the pub.

And if you decide to leave, is there another place/way for me the read your thoughts on the market?

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Then keep chatting. Keep it alive then! It’s getting flagged because not enough discussion is taking place.

However… discussing the meta of this thread IS keeping it alive… hmmmm


Ok. I will try!

Most of the time I don´t have anything intelligent to ask/contribute with, so that´s why I don´t write anything. But rest assure that I read and appreciate every post @siamoss writes.

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oh… I thought this thread was closed by peter and I would have to start a new thread…

I have been trading hard the stocks market starting from xmas 2018 and on the S&P500 u’ll see the biggest ever printed V shaped recovery i have seen. I was not caring about crypto since. Now that bulls are getting excited on stocks while economy remains having uncountable unsolved issues, I thought it’s just about time to cut down, and step back into crypto. At least get a foot back in the door

first off: 2018 was a more or less even year to me. I think I made profits of a few % total in 2018. most importantly however, I could hold my balance from the highs at the end of 2017/ beginning of 2018. somewhat below the high printed in the 1st week of january 2018.

now lets have a look at the bitcoin chart

To me bitcoin looks like its bottoming here and many charts look just the same. I do not see a new hype coming up as in 2017. realistic first targets are 6k to 9k on bitcoin, maybe even a little more. I have the halving rallye on my radar but I will be selling into strength as we reach these targets.

I recapitalized my bitcoin account today (was completely out of the market) and if price remains in this area, first thing I do is buying bitcoin in order to recapitalize my altcoin accounts. It doesnt mean im going all in here and now. I’m just preparing to get ready for the next run.

Think about it: in the end of 2017 everythone and their mother was talking about cryptos. Now mainstream went back to silent mode and it seems like they dont even remember bitcoin (and a lot more) even exists. it reminds me of 2015 lows, this kind of silence. usually that is not the worst time to buy, before the crowd, before all those lemmings follow. it is okay for siamoss that others laugh about his opinion or thoughts or scenarios. Because siamoss knows that 90% of traders lose in the markets. There has no money ever been created in the stocks and crypto markets, nor has money been lost. It only changes the owner. keeping this in mind, you must have an opposite opinion than the crowd to be able to profit.

I have not a lot of time to continue this thread. I just want to put out my current thoughts on the markets and I can be wrong. In fact I’m often wrong. But I am also okay to admit being wrong and change my opinion if market is telling me new odds. I dont care if I’m right or wrong. If you have a position, your perception may not be as clear as it is without a position. You find many reasons why this thing must go up but the market tells a different story. The market is always right so better to listen and read it.

I am an embedded software engineer working in the field of industrial IoT. I am going to invest in my human capital the next years. More important than trading is education. Your funds can be stolen or worthless within a minute, your education and skills will survive even the biggest economic crisis. I am going to do kind of professional trainging in the area of cyber security and machine learning, both of which are also big topics in my department and will be the next decade or more. Thats why I dont have a lot of time to follow the markets anymore


boom! perfectly retested that trendline and then took off… i think it has some more room before its time to take some profits off the table.


I enjoy reading your updates! Don’t be a stranger to the pub mate. I’m sure I speak for many.
I’ve just reentered my positions, having got out earlier to increase my position size over all.

I just trying to lay the foundations as we move closer to the next BTC halving and continued adoption, also once again FOMO and greed entering the market once more. Which always happens at some stage…


6000 target reached. its a good time to take some profits, selling into strengths. above 7000 even that is here


Interesting. Are you selling of everything?

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not all. hell no! some means like 50% little here and little there. nobody has ever died from taking profits… :wink:


sell some here its best i think @8100


Good call as always!