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Start getting a position in EOS, ICX is great too but right now on highs, i would wait for a dip on ICX at this point


Just sold 30% of my Ether for Bitcoin.
Not sure, but hope…


I have $4,000 available to to invest and I would love your suggestions. I know ultimately I have to make the decision as to what I do with that money, but we are all here for the same reason and some advice would be nice. Some people have pointed me in the Bitconnect direction saying I would use daily profits for the DCA I am doing on IOTA and ICX and other have suggested diversify in different coins and that is how I am here. What could be the best move :thinking: and which coins to invest in? I am in it for the long run as well. Thank you guys.


Please do not invest anything on BitConnect, it’s a ponzi Scheme. You are safer in the long to put your money on real projects like ICX, NEO, QTUM.


When is that expected to happen?


now everything falling apart again… cash is king right now


closed BTC 13400ish
ZEC out 650ish


seems like some korean exchange got hacked. could be buy opportunity


buying back zec 600ish, Btc 13200ish


What are those signs of market went too far? Everything felt so suddently for most of us :slight_smile:


just reading… south korea wants to prohibit crypto curreny trade


Oh where to get newest info. So far i only read pub and some tweeters. Btw nxt time give us warning in big letter hahaha :smiley: with lot coin -20% now what is on your buy list? Exept BTC ICX ZEC that you already bought back.


Have you sold your icx?


i have reduced ICX around 9 and 11, now only holding tiny. i also reduced btc and zec and still on 45% cash. I am currently not looking to buy this dip, rather looking to reduce on the next rebound.

i may do some very selective short term maneuvers when i see something. i think caution is important now, now is not the time to be greedy imo


Do you keep your fiat money on exchanges?


Has a very promising future.


ICX, XLM, and TRX… All three are due for a good pop again when the market comes back to life. IMO.


Lowkey mention on Forbes. I hear a few birdies talk about shift, definitly a hodl & dip bag for 2018.

“Shift, another alternative blockchain that includes peer-to-peer storage, an uncensorable internet, and seamless monetization removing the need for third parties like Facebook or Youtube for content creators.”

Filecoin’s release will put this type of project on the map, Oyster Pearl just pivoted to this type of project if I’m understanding correctly.


eos. every coin is a shitcoin compared to eos lol


Ok this is my whole day reading coins and discuss on discord channel. 1 of channel suggest me this coin look very promising
What do you guys think? This 1 is about betting esport, game releated.