Singapore - Enhancing non-physical links the way forward


Singapore is one of the largest shipping hubs in Asia.

“Connectivity between different players in the supply chain is also critical. A seamless information flow across stakeholders, including consignees, manufacturers, shippers, forwarders, custom brokers, customs, carriers, trade financial institutions and more, would enable smooth and efficient cargo move across a logistics network,” says Nicolas Sartini, CEO of APL and NOL.

“The continuous learning across the logistics and transportation sectors has helped us to find new value creation opportunities, helping enterprises to leverage Singapore’s reliable and nimble supply chain management solutions to grow their presence in this region. New technologies and tools such as AI, blockchain and data analytics are new areas that we are learning and developing together with the intention of innovating new end-to-end value propositions for businesses”


Blockchain technology is perfect for supply chain management in the exchange of electronic documents amongst all the various entities and probably within digital distributed contracts.

EDI is changing. I said this was coming a few months ago.

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