So, About That Android 🤖 Version... 🤔



In short… right now we’re entirely focused on getting the iOS version out the door… and then we’re going to look into diverting our attention to Java and the Android Machine…

But, in the mean time… @peter and I made a decision last night to rework our planned marketing / landing page to be a ‘light’ version of the app so that folks can still get a lot of value… because that’s what we’re all about.

This means that the landing page for CryptoYum will not look like what most mobile app pages generally look like… which will be an interesting experiment to see if it hurts the growth and adoption of the platform as a whole… but, what the hell.

In a masonry-type, grid-like fashion, we’ll share our source feeds for folks to stay on top of blockchain & crypto news. We’re messing with a bunch of different layouts… like 3-column or 4-column… let us know your thoughts:


Of course, we still need some thoughts on the feed &data sources:

Hope this helps the folks who will end up waiting a bit longer for the Android version…

Sorry, not sorry. :troll:


Looks good to me! Solid speed of execution!


4-column looks nice :open_mouth:


Three columns. Four creates too much eye strain because there is too much space left to right to take in.


3-column looks pretty clean to me.


I agree with three columns being easier to take in although I wouldn’t question it had I not paid attention


The 3 columns seem like the most compatible layout, due to variance in how different operating systems handle HiDPI displays. Both look good though.


3 columns…


Looks nice! Great work!
I vote for 4 column, so much space on 3 column to waste.


My vote is for 3 column as well. Keep up the awesome work fellas!!


Three is visually appealing, as I believe most people are more likely to compartmentalize in 3s (i.e. ‘My top 3 ____’ as opposed to ‘my top 4 ____’) but I personally prefer 4 for space efficiency; the more information one can comfortably fit on the page, the better, for immediate visual accessibility. However, 3 would be just as fine if it’s more compatible for variable operating systems.


In my opinion 3-column version would be more comfortable to use. :wink:


I like the 4 column look.


3 for me. 4 just looks… too crowded I guess?


I like 3 columns yooo


I like the three column honestly. if going with four maybe try and format the space between each topic title with a 2px solid black line with a little opacity.


3 columns. 4 is to much.



Looking forward to the android version. I guess I’ll dust off my iPad until then.


I prefer 3 columns. A balance of information and elegance.


Any idea around when the android version will go live? No iphone here…