So, About That Android 🤖 Version... 🤔



i’m rethinking a lot of this… value can be created for all devices…


I am just thinking how this would look on a phone as I am using an Iphone 5 and with 3-4 columns I know my big arse paws are going to have a hard time selecting an individual link.

I am personally fond of a single column with a scroll ability through the links and a small icon next to them as to who the source is.


I thought we were moving away from dedicated apps. For example, I don’t use an app to access the pub on my droid. The mobile view is good as is.


I think the app might be needed to sort the news feeds, but dont take my word i am not a programmer.


all of these things will be taken into consideration. big paws included.


hehe thank you sir for all your hard work. It was weird I saw this thread when I did as I just got off a call with a vendor asking myself and a team member to evaluate their mobile screens. We basically has a similar conversation but instead of news articles it had to do with data center alarms and categories.


Are we, Android users still on this stage?


Any aprox. month or quarter for us? apple hatters? :tinfoilhat:


actually, we haven’t released it to anyone yet… so…