So... Do You LinkedIn?


It’s full of spam about ICOs… My response is always the same.

LOL. Such a waste of a good social network.


heads in suits, such a joke. closed my account yesterday in fact.


still dead.

this guy knows how to linkedin… lul

fucked a good opportunity to actually connect with me. sadness.

like all things, Linkedin is what you make of it. I’ve not had any bad experiences, but then again i don’t follow trash people and i don’t come across as someone people think they can sell stuff to lol

also, check out this fun video we did for IT recruitment


lol. fun video! :slight_smile:

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Fun fact: Paul, the HR guy giving the interview had his SUPER expensive gold watch fly off after the 2nd take, you’ll see it in some shots and not in others. his watch went flying off into the wild blue yonder, never to be seen again. this was an expensive day for Paul.

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Its just another Facebook so no I do not linkedIn. Most of you know my stance on all social media platforms.

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Linkedin is so fucked. The bots man!

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I don’t personally use linkedin. But I love watching John and Peter use linkedin.


How is this still an active topic? No Linked-in for me. Isn’t Linked-In just for people looking for a job?

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We killed it tonight. Gone. Done.

Peter Saddington Linkedin

It was many years of … oh… I don’t know how long.

You provided very little value LinkedIN.


…been considering this for sometime. FB Included. The world gets smaller.

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