So, Let's Chat About... Chat Systems (and Platforms): "Pub Outposts"

So, here’s the thing. @peter and I have been doing some chatting… about chat systems.

In short, we think it would be a decent idea to create Pub-centric chat groups everywhere we can… with a bit of integration between those systems and The Pub.

After doing a little bit of technical pre-work… it seems like these can be easily done. I’ve included the technical integration pieces and how the existing systems can connect to us here:

Provider Notifications Slash Commands Post Transcripts
Slack :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Telegram :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Discord :white_check_mark:
HipChat :white_check_mark:
Mattermost :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Matrix ( :white_check_mark:
Zulip :white_check_mark:
Rocket.Chat :white_check_mark:
Gitter :white_check_mark:
Flowdock :white_check_mark:

The idea here is simple: We establish “The Bitcoin Pub Outposts” in these places and have a few select folks help manage and maintain them. Perhaps we’d just call these folks “Regulars” for now (we aren’t really big on titles around here…).

Also, we really want to highlight the idea of decentralizing ownership (imagine that…) and management of these Outposts… we’re more interested in having folks connect and chat and less about the affiliation, sotospeak. Connecting the systems to the Pub is a neat technical opportunity, but that’s about it.

We already have a Discord in place but in regards to that, we might just open it up to anyone and everyone.

So… any thoughts? Let’s have them.


I think it’s a great idea. Too many times I find myself in a discussion with individuals than just “posting.” I was thinking about the ICX thread and thought it was moving more like a chat room than a discussion. I’ve got slack as it integrates with trello but don’t use it often and I personally wouldn’t get on chat all that much. But as poppin as the live youtubes are I think it would be worth it as my behavior probably doesn’t mimic the majority of the pub.


Expand Discord and assign mod roles for self management, done!


I finally got around to joining Discord this morning and I really like it so far.

I’ve also used Slack and Telegram for other communities. I don’t have a strong opinion as the feature set across each of them feels really similar to me as an end user. If there’s a strong technical reason to use one platform over another (easy and useful integration with Patron/Discourse) that seems like a good lens to make the decision.


I just became a patron and within the past 5 minutes started using Discord. I can’t speak to which of these platforms would be best, but I do want to caution against info overload. I tend to stick with 1-2 platforms and forget about the others.


I definitely think the Discord could benefit from having some trusted moderators. You guys are already busting your asses off for the community. Let us, the community, help where we can.

I was going to suggest opening up the Discord server to everyone but I wasn’t sure if Patrons would be okay with taking away one of the Patreon perks.
However… you can create Patrons role only access to Categories/Channels on Discord. So maybe that’s an option.

There are also some really nice Discord moderator bots out there, such as


Slack is over rated IMHO. Sure you can do shit but don’t really need all that do ya? Discord is cool but lot’s more on Telegram so would make it easy for me! I think simplicity would be best here. Does Telegram work on Android?


Great idea. Using the actual chat system of the Pub is cool but it lacks of good UX.
I would suggest to have just a Discord/BitcoinPub API synchronizing contents on both platforms.

John, which CMS do you use for the actual Pub?

(thanks Thyruz)




Are you not afraid of this community degenerate due to the growth?


@john I see your vision, but I can only contribute a caution (not a code guy…I’m a vision guy). It seems you guys are doing a good job of establishing your brand. So make sure you are balancing the reach of the combined technologies, with the proper maintenance of your brand. Spaces that don’t require first hand involvement are great from a delegation perspective, but they can negatively impact your brand if they aren’t monitored appropriately…especially when they carry your name.


Slack is interesting. I tried to integrate into my business but my partners decided a group me style chat would be fine. I think they are seeing why it wasn’t now lol. I sign on sometimes and its 48 new messages about something stupid but I have to filter thru it. I like how slack seperates things like you do in the pub and this should help take communication to the next level.


We kinda don’t care about that in some ways.

Remember, we now live in a permissionless system.

Y’all can do whatever!

We have so far:

  • Facebook fan groups
  • Instagram fan groups
  • Youtubers ganking our shit
  • DTube users ganking our shit
  • Newsletters ganking our shit
  • Content creators copying the Pub, Yum, Puffs
  • Content creators biting our collateral, ideas, and content
  • Etc etc etc

All without our permission!

We can never fully control anything… and in our decentralized philosophy, we kinda don’t care.

What @john and I were talking about is that it would be (better) for us to substantiate a system rather than someone we don’t know.

It’ll happen. Someday someone will make a XYZ system of something we’re doing… it’s the world we live in.

What were trying to think about is: “What are the systems people would like to use?”

PS. If you didn’t know already. WE (the cryptonation) run this crypto-content world. Take a look around. Everyone is biting our style.


I’ve only been using discord for a day or so but it seems that the chat really kind of moves quickly and tends to be a bit all over the place on some of the topics like #trading. It can be kind of hard to follow with replies to previous messages being overlapped. If it’s too hard to keep up with I will likely stock to the pub forums. Maybe I need to get used to it.


We’d actually much prefer only a few mechanisms of communication.

I’d much prefer that everything is done on the Pub… but then again. I’m just 1 man with an opinion.


Justin you hit the nail on the head. If Slack can separate like the pub then that would be excellent.


Maybe we can have a live chat widget here on the pub that’s linked to one of those messaging apps?

I personally like reading through topics and well thought of answers/questions. Chats are fun too but I think they serve a different purpose.

I think having a live chat here on the pub makes it easier for people to chat if they just want to chat. And if they want to read and post ideas that require more than just a few lines of response then they can go to the pub forums.


@peter that is one of the most grounded replies I think I’ve seen on this forum. All I could do was look back at my wife, point at the computer screen and say, “See that guy?..he’s got his shit together.”

This’ll be fun to watch. Really.


Im fine with that! If the pub was a mobile app with notifications so we could see messages coming in that would be an added bonus, but I am used to coming in to check things out.


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