Social Media Lurker Benefits for Life & Online Visibility 2019


How a Social Media Lurker for Life begins their journey for Online Visibilty and Content Creation.

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The Journey Starts Now with Course Correct & Self Reflection.

I admit I am not amazing however I am weird. And if you’ve talked to anyone from my youth, I was a beach bum with no productive future.

First generation American raised on food stamps triggered me to dream big and grow up fast. I graduated from the University of Utah with a Psychology degree which didn’t lead to any high salary career or treasures.

Luckily, I was a natural at playing video games and that skill outweighed all lectures I amassed from college. After rolling with the punches in public, government, and private organizations, my perennial career transitioned into an IT Manufacturing & Automation Engineer.

More importantly, I’m a father, husband and entrepreneur always making critical decisions to live the best life ever.


Full Time Social Media Lurker

Fast forward to now, I’m a full time social media lurker and going balls deep into the content creation phenomena.

If you allow, my posts will be sprinkled with endless humor, real pain and sometimes legit knowledge with real world use case.

The internet is our community playground and no topics are off limits.

I will share my pain points and my successes so that you can be entertained.

The first iteration of BewareTheJourney was intended to share knowledge and provide a resource for our community that want to level up.


Proof is in the Results

I assumed the information was helpful and important for personal development. But the proof is in the results which is 0 viewer interest.

Titans don’t cry when we encounter a roadblock, instead it’s time to employ Ocean Wisdom, ”If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

After 3 months of blogs resulted in zero views, I was lurking in RavenSky’s Fight Club Discord and asked for help.

Asking for help isn’t weakness, keep in mind that ocean wisdom! Screenshot of discord provided for confirmation of the straightforward dialogue with RavenSky.

After a multifaceted Root-Cause Analysis session with RavenSky ,

BewareTheJourney suffered from the following problems:

  1. My WordPress blog was not configured with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards. Big reason why nobody found my blog!
  2. My blog content was under 200 words. The low word count did not provide search engine algorithms significant data to reach audience.
  3. Quitting my job to go full time content creator was executed out of order. No comment! :blush:

The conversation with RavenSky then continued with the following understanding.

To read more visit BewareTheJourney


Everything works boss, it looks great! So glad you did this, and did it the correct way at that.

Keep going now, you have most of what you need to duplicate the process. When you stumble, hit me up and Ill help you course correct.

Easier from here on out now. You got this bro; )


Thank you RavenSky for coaching me through this!


No doubt hommie:sunglasses:


You asked for help, the most important step in any journey. Excellent! :+1:


Interesting blog. I look forward to reading more.


This is why we exist. To help others level up!~

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Great job! That RavenSky is the the man. We can all learn from your journey! Thanks for doing this.


This guy’s videos helped me build my site. I use godaddy for my domain and hostgator for my hosting. You can learn how to set it all up through his videos and download wordpress onto your site to make development easy. Its actually pretty cheap. Plus it makes it way easier for people to find your content when you have the proper hosting/domain and register everything proper with google. Still learning.

I used to use dreamweaver back in the day but its way beyond me now. Slowly picking up some html again.