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Hey John, I’m getting back into learning programming. I had some beginnings in AngularJS and creating a League of Legends damage calculator with it. As I reviewed an Article on Riot’s League of Legend’s Client being Rebuilt in Ember.js, I decided I wanted to learn about Ember.

I also saw that Discourse is built on it, and I read up on previous posts about this forum’s software.

So my question is, how do you like Ember? I saw your posts about React and am trying to figure out your stance on it. Any recommendations on what to subscribe to? I saw alot of recommendations on React, but not on ember on your other post.
Are you part of any forums other than this one that focus on the development?
The desktop and iOS implementation looks awesome, any posting you’ll be making about implementing it?
Any good books to start with?
I just started with Rock and Roll with Ember.JS

I’m reading through the Tech Stuff forum now :smile:


i think you’re going about this right… but, i’d focus a little bit more from this angle:

  • instead of choosing a language first … choose the problem that you’d like to solve first
  • this way every solution or language will be in the context of the solution set. this means that you’ll choose what is best to solve your problem instead of locking yourself into a toolset before you begin
  • this has broader implications though… the more important being that if you focus on solving a problem instead of toolkit you’ll more likely stay motivated and grind your way through the hard parts. trust me on this. it’s easier to quit a language than a project you’re obsessing over

so it’s not so much about angular or react or whatever… i’ve done them all (and still learning more)!


This kind of ties into your yesterday’s Blog post.. That’s a daunting infographic.

I think Ember is part of the solution to the problem I’d like to solve. Care to share any resources you’d recommend for diving in?


the likelihood of answering many of questions via a blog post i’ve written… is very high.


Haha, I’m not disappointed. More reassured that reading the documentation is still a good way to succeed.

I think part of the fun in asking for tools and tips is that it gets an immediate dopamine reward to keep going. Drudging through the basics, after spending precious time to get little payoff can be self-defeating for a beginner.

Then again a large part of discipline is to keep going even when there are few perceived gains. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:



little immediate payoff…

but if you can hack it, you’ll never go hungry again.


I started down the computer science path four or five years ago, and my fourth or fifth class in was learning c#, or c++, I forget which. 90% of the class was online and then met in person in the classroom once a week. My biggest problem was the instructor and the pace of the class. The instructor actually taught very little, and expected us to know how to do everything already. I ended up barely passing the class, and then decided to try switching schools. Of course with every school and in every discipline your going to run into some great and some not so great teachers. One of the best teachers I had was in a seemingly boring subject, program logic, doing stuff like truth tables and flow charts. But the instructor was actually passionate and excited about the subject and was able to through humor in to help us learn.
Anyways I think you and your brother would be great at this, you probably don’t have the time though. And just something simple like coding “hello world” in Visual Basic is probably a good place to start, if you guys do decide to put an intro class together, it was the very first thing I learned. I never completed the degree though, full time day job and school hasn’t worked out for that yet. Maybe with time boxing I could get it to work. And if you guys do put something together I’d be interested, I’ve forgotten almost everything I learned.


i think we can figure out something that might help folks just get off on the right foot…

but, thanks for the comment. let’s noodle on this…


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