Software repair - What issues have You encountered?



Hey there,

I would like to fix software remotely.

Keeping it real - I’m not a senior software specialist, I don’t have 30 years of knowledge.
This is my hobby, the feeling of fixing something is like nothing else. And I like to dig deep.

What I have in mind, if You could provide me with data about Your every-day use software and issues You encounter.
If You happen to have error within Your Windows system, gimme that - if it’s Your rendering software, gimme that. Your multimedia player is glitching image again? Let me try to help You.

There is a future thought in my mind about a software which includes basic language updates for operating systems, software applications, latest versions and guides. But that’s an infant.

Any data will help. Thank You!



Hey legit bro, thanks for posting your side hustle to the PUB.

I still can’t figure out how to transfer my iphotos program to an external so I can free up like 200gigs from my Mac.
Kept getting error code because some files wouldn’t transfer, and it prevented the entire program from transfering.
Just making conversation here. Not even sure if you know anything abt Mac.

Good thing your a Founding Member, I doubt anyone would let you remote fix their computers otherwise, lol


@ToiTamto awesome post on your interest in squashing software bugs. I was wondering if you have a procedure you go through in order to identify bugs though. I have a couple iOS Apps I’d love to make bullet proof. Right now not having any issues but would be interested in hearing how you go about it!


This is just a quick post, I’ll get back to that later on but Founding Member or not - I’m still figuring out how to do it safely for both sides. As You said, it’s a great danger to let someone fix Your PC remotely unless it’s someone certified or it’s IT from Your company.


Could You provide me with an error message You receive? I’ve red some time ago that in order to copy Your iPhotos You need to firstly make an original copy of them on Your device - some shit like that.

You can try this aswell:

  1. Quit out of Photos app if you have it open on the Mac
  2. Re-launch Photos app and immediately hold down Command+Option keys
  3. When the Repair Library message appears in the app “You are about to repair the library “Library Name” – choose “Repair” to start the library repair process

  1. Let the entire process complete before interacting with Photos app, when finished the library will appear as usual

And that’s a very good point, because I need a structure in which I will verify it… Till now I was mostly trying to break the app, some random inputs, html tags, functionality between app features.
In my mind, the important thing is to know the app and for what use-case it has been created. And it helps when You think about the app from user perspective, a lot.


Ill keep this post close to me next Im I get mad enough try this again, LoL
I dont remember what the error code now. It takes 2 and half hours into the transfer before the code pops up.


Have You tried to copy those files in 4 parts?
50 gigs each, it might help aswell - had issue like that with 120gb game, had to copy the game in 2 parts, then it went through.


yeah, you know that would probably work.

I already have copies of all my images on the external. Its the “program” that I wanted moved to the external and off my desktop.

Now that I think abt it, do you think if moved all the images to the external and then deleted them on the desktop and if at a later date i moved them back to the desktop, will they all still be historical order on my iphotos like they were originally?

My greatest fear is that they are imported all randomly and not in order.

I have like 8 years of photos all in historical order. Its like a family heirlum at this point. Digitally anyway.


You should be able to check the creation date of the file (photo), if there is one assigned correctly to the date when You’ve taken the picture then there shouldn’t be any issue with that.

But if there is a date on those photos connected with day that You’ve copied the files then yeah, there might be an issue with historical order.


love that you’re putting this out there friend!