Some gear cohorts can consider


I’ve done some video creating here and there, but only done it as a hobby, not so much as a platform to create content. I have used the yeti microphone that peter uses, for years and I LOVE it. I personally believe there is no substitute for sound quality…so…if you NEED a microphone to start working on this new cohort experiment. You absolutely cannot go wrong with yeti.

I also use a simple $7 dragonpad pop filter which prevents the “pop” sound you get from pronouncing “p”

And I just got a logitech HD Pro C920 camera so I can start working with it in august when I’m back in the states. Which came highly recommended in the thread I made asking what the best webcam to use is, a while back.

I’ve also primarily used vegas movie studio 13 for video editing…though I’m looking to move to something a little more robust…it gets the job done. And OBS for recording.

Also Audacity is a really good program if you just want to be able to record and mix audio tracks.

Pub members who can outsource content for you (let me know if you want your name added to the list)

@THEDATALORD makes sick custom audio tracks

@RavenSkyDaisy does custom artwork


I am not looking forward to video recordings.


I’ve done the audio…but video will be a new thing for me lol


iv always been behind the camera so this is really jumping off the cliff for me to be in front of the camera

looks like content creating should be easy with enough experienced people here to help each other

DaVinci Resolve 15 Beta is a good free video editing app if people wana check it out


It really depends on what type of video you’ll be shooting, but if you need some SFX (special effects) there are a bunch of tutorials by Video Copilot ( Used to watch him back in the day. Pretty solid stuff.

However, he uses pro-grade software (mostly by Adobe). But there are always trial versions, if you want to get your feet wet. :wink:


you can pick up reflector 3 for a single $

and also get camtasia with a bunch of other useful software for $20 in this month’s humble bundle.


i don’t know if those are really necessary. if you sit back from the mic at a reasonable distance like peter does in his videos, there is no risk of pops when using plosive sounds. just bump your gain up and change your mic settings to be directional and you’ll be good. i’d only use one if i were singing or something.


For me, I can hear the difference when I don’t use it. For others, they probably can’t tell.


i suppose that’s true. i’m not much of an audiophile


Somehow, your comment reminded me of ASMR videos:

(crazy shit, don’t dive deeper)


Been figuring out which software to get being a Linux user found OBS, Kdenlive for video editing, Gimp for thumbnails and photoediting, Shutter for screenshot, and GUVC for recording with webcam. All free downloads.


forgot to even mention those things! Thanks @Trilamanila !!

I use both OBS and GIMP for recording and photo editing. Both very powerful, robust and FREE software that really get the job done.