Some Think worth Consideration

One of the questions I have been asking myself (there are many) this one falls into a Meta Data research: What are large institutional investors investing in 2018? I don’t make it a habit to just use this for a reason to buy - just like I wouldn’t buy/not buy just because I saw it in a YouTube Video. :thinking:
This may appear obvious to may here, but if you are new to crypto or easily persuaded to make rash rather than rational investment decisions or purchases perhaps this may help you make more informed considerations for your coins or tokens.

I hold a firm belief that sources are important, and as time progress this year we will see what some term as the “Smart Money” moving into the markets 2018. Up or down in market capitalization what we see now is nary a scant number of market capitalization. :chart:

Now whether that :dollar: has intelligence behind it is subject to debate but what it does bring with it is weight in consideration. When I first started buying crypto I bought :btc: apart from that there was :ltc: and :eth: (and ETH was trading less that $7 at the time) :hushed: I was a “Coinbase Baby” :baby::baby_bottle:

I was looking for the next :hotsprings: “Pick” what had the greatest :honeybee: Buzzz??? I took a $14K Loss :boxing_glove: doing this - Lesson Learned. That’s when I though … hmmmm :bulb: better do some research on these things myself. That #1 decision made all the difference. I bought into this crazy thing called :ant: antshares at the time, and they were going to be doing a rebranding in 2-3 months. :neo: Best month and 1/2 of research I ever did. :+1:

Today I am more :mag_right: focused structuring a portfolio :building_construction: than I am looking for the next :fire: :bomb: Crypto that’s “HOT” Today. I have a friend back in NY who’s still in to the ‘crypto-hussle’ and enjoys telling me “Scared money don’t make money:money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings: I was thinking about him today. This weekend I had the opportunity to deploy a reserve I held back - that :umbrella: “Rainy Day Fund” for one of my long term thesis thoughts :thinking: In fact unless I missed it - it’s not even on this chart here. :cardano: I liked it at .33 cents - I :heart: at .18 so I doubled my position. Today the :sun_with_face: smiled upon me so I took 15% off the table to replenish that :umbrella: “Rainy Day Fund”. The market could reverse it’s self :chart_with_downwards_trend: tomorrow and that’s OK. I am not a day trader. I have learned through experience to ‘take a little off the table’ and have reserve capital to deploy in the future.

Reasonably I expect that :cardano: will well return to it’s former glory of .33 cents, slowly over time. :alarm_clock: When it does, I will have 50% MORE :cardano: and my :umbrella: Fund will be :100:% replenished. I was confident in my research & decision when I bought it at .33 cents and have remained so ever since.

:thought_balloon: Today I thought, perhaps he’s right (not in the risk taking way he meant it) - but “scared money don’t make money” because in the down markets people tend to :scream:panic sell. If your able to see the big :framed_picture: and play long :baseball: you can sleep well at night. :night_with_stars:

One big step is to look at the Meta Data, do your own research and be confident in your decision. Hope this provided some insight to someone. :cowboy_hat_face:


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