Sorting by "Featured" Coins



Is it possible to have CryptoYum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:CoinPuffs “sort” by coins/tokens that have the “Featured” tag?

Though I have my own wild ideas about various coins/tokens, I would love to be fully aware of those Peter and John think are the most relevant. :wink:

If this is not possible, I would like to make a, formal :face_with_monocle::tophat:, #featurerequest! lol!


yeah, let me take a look.


wait, isn’t this request for #coinpuffs?


This request is for coinpuffs, yes. :smiley:, Oh, sorry, lol! I didn’t realize I had typed, “CryptoYum” in my OP. My bad man…:explopants6:


Hi, have you discovered if there is a possibility, that this might happen one day?

Also though, since they are so few, maybe just post them here, rather than me “giving you homework” :joy:

The CoinPuffs Featured coins (by volume) that I’m aware of are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Cardano
  • Neo
  • Iota
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Icon
  • Doge

And, I guess, you guys are probably not featuring any “Sub-50” coins. Please let me know though if you are, and thanks again for all of you hard work! :building_construction:


And that day HAS come…and gone… brudda man! :sunglasses::rocket::stew:


Holy mackerel John…