South Korea's Moving to Blockchain IDs in 2020!

Our network ICON FOUNDATION had some big news over night!

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“MyID Alliance is a business alliance for expanding the DID ecosystem. 39 domestic and foreign companies and institutions including Samsung Electronics, Shinhan Bank and KB Securities will participate. This alliance is researching services to replace ‘paper certificates’ and ‘certified certificates’ that users are experiencing inconveniences around ‘My ID’, a blockchain-based identification platform.”

Mas adoption here we come!


I think everyone is waiting for them to mention icx involvement.


I have to agree with this. I think most (loyal) ICX investors understand the complications of explaining partnerships due to involvement with private and public entities, but the hypothetical statements lack a good foundation for more investors to jump on outside of the traditional market world. Now I do understand that growth through a “network effect” is ICON’s strongest point, and they’re more than capable of making this happen.

I personally don’t see how they’re going to continue growth through the public “crypto space” if they continue to be hypothetical on how things work (even though we understand). I don’t think this comes as a surprise as the team(ICON) have always been a little iffy in terms of communication. Not inherently disappointed or anything, it’s just how I feel on the current state of communication from the team.

As an example, I didn’t even know about this news until I saw @escalade0709’s post about it a few hours ago in the ICON thread, but I didn’t hear from ICON’s official twitter first. ICON is a great platform that the general public should definitely know about, yet many view is as a “scam coin” (which it isn’t) that used to be near the top ten. Overall, I’m proud of what they’re accomplishing these past few years, and I’m still glad to be holding ICX in that regard.


If amazon starts to supply their warehouse bathrooms with charmin toilet paper, is that going to boost charmin stock? People in the crypto world would cry, “amazon is partnering with Charmin! Charmin stock to the moon!” Not many are bothering to make sense of these “partnerships” and how they would actually affect use case for icx.


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