Spare Parts + Evil Laugh = THE FRANKEN-MINER!

Just please make sure your tears of joy do not fall upon my creation. It doesn’t like it.

But seriously - spare parts with the exception of 3 new video cards (6 card rig) and a $19 dollar food rack from Target.

Gigabyte 990fx-UD3 Motherboard (supports 6 gpu’s in Windows 10)
Front panel I snatched off of a case for power button etc.
Two spare Corsair HX850 power supplies
Spare SSD (don’t even know the make)
Box fan
Risers etc

MSI R9 290x
XFX R9 390
XFX RX 570 (4GB)
XFX RX 580 (8GB)
ASUS GTX 1070 Strix
PNY GTX 750 <---- you know this is BOSS of the rig!!! LOL (will replace it before end of year)

Currently I run Nicehash Legacy <— Makes about $10 dollars per day.

Once I get some free time I will explore running Claymore’s miner on this rig. Might be a nightmare though given the mixed card condition. In the past when scrypt gpu mining was better than peanut butter, I had to run a separate mining command window for each card on the rig (mixed rig again). Was a total time suck of epic proportions. This was back when the interwebs said it couldn’t be done, but it COULD BE DONE, cuz I believed it could be done. See what I did there? LOL

Anyway - ENJOY!


A thing of true beauty. A work of art!!


Wow, I didn’t know it was possible to make it work with so many different GPUs? Was there any issue installing both AMD and nVidia drivers on the same rig?


No issue. I just made damn sure the drivers didn’t occupy the same directory. This rig has been running since the middle of August with the only issue being a pesky R9 290X that’s being a little bitch.


10 bux a day. Is this factoring the power costs?


That’s good to know. I’ll give it a go, I have old Ati GPUs from years ago I’ll add to my 5x1080ti rig, it’s probably not worth the power consumption for the hash rate they provide, they’re Ati HD4870 and HD4670 GPUs from way back.


No sir it is not factoring in the power cost. It’s pretty low here; less than .04/kwh

I don’t factor the power cost in. I know it’s a common accepted practice, as it does cost money, but I’ve found a way to balance out that cost by better power management for all the other power consuming items in my home. It’s working…for now.


Wow - those are crazy old. But you won’t know if it’s worth it until you try.


I’ll set it up next weekend. I’m currently enjoying the BTC filtering into my Trezor from my rig, so I’m a bit hesitant in stopping the machine grinding away on NiceHash. I’ll report back when it’s done.


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