Speeding Up Fund Deposit for Coinbase



Hey all.
Is there any way to increase the depoit time for coinbase?
This 5 Day thing is just way…way too long.
Ive lived with it for a year almost to the date…i DID love the Credit Card purchase…not gonna lie, due to the speed to be able to purchase crypto.

I also had the discipline to pay it off immediately…just an internal bank transfer really.

That being said…is there a way to speed it up?


Can use a debit card if you need it right away but you will most likely be charged a foreign transaction fee by your bank plus coinbase fee. You can also directly link a bank acct but there is still a waiting period to move crypto off of the exchange but allows instant purchase.


Thats what im trying to figure out.
Already have an acct linked via debit. But thats all i have.
Do i need to set up something else?



If your bank is not listed use search function.



Thanks Lance, ill look into this!