Stacking silver and gold


Who else stacks?

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I really didnt need to start this thread - I just want to get a recommendation on a home safe and best physical storage practices for keys coins TBH

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I don’t consider precious metals to be a good investment because when you buy them you’re basically betting on the economy going to shit. It’s a lose, lose bet because if the economy goes down then your life is likely getting worse aside from the metals going up. If your precious metals go down in value that means the economy is getting better and your life is probably improving.

I would rather invest in something that isn’t betting that the world is going to shit. That way if I win I’m not still in a crappy circumstance.

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me too, but the world is going to shit, so I’m hedging and stacking metals guns and crypto, same as peter the squirrel killer and grillingwithguns etc

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I would say that guns are a very good bet if we get a super liberal prez this time around. They will try to restrict guns and that always makes them skykrocket. Although they might make it difficult to sell private party. Gotta stay on top of legislation when it comes to guns. Living in a red state will help with resale ability.

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when the shit hits the fan, nobody will care about regulation on sale, people will just want to know if you have the coins to pay… preppers are planning for a post rule of law scenario

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Cool stuff here guys. Now I’m depressed. Lol jk.

I guess you would want a fireproof safe for your precious metals, so they don’t melt in case of hot fire.

Maybe another separate fireproof safe for guns and ammo just so you don’t get other metals mixed in case of fire.

I forget guy’s name at Pub/ meetup in ATL, real cool guy though, he was from Oklahoma. Check out those deals at stores and with (their) new credit cards. He wanted to buy a safe and ended up getting like two gun safes and 2 Glocks for the price of one safe because of discounts, rebates, and some cash back on the cards. Cool story, bro.

No, I don’t stack. The Police, City, State, and Federal governments will take all of that shit when they want to invent stories about you getting it all from… whatever the fax they want to say. You won’t be able to help yourself unless you want to stand your ground, somehow evade a manhunt, start a new life somewhere else, or go with the flow, bond out, and get some kick ax attorney that costs more than the value of your bullion (maybe), to try to get it back (lol).

The coins do look shiny and beautiful. However, sad to say the symbols embellished on them are a farce. I think BTC is a much safer and more noble investment, in regards to both of their qualities.

Do what you do. Do it big then.


I hope he sees this post and shares what he got…

ya, fireproof seems totally needed… I want ledgers, coins and guns and I’d be willing to buy 2 like he did…

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Let’s hope so.

Yeah, you know it, just keep the backups somewhere else. The policia can get search warrants for them there safes. I’m not an attorney, but I think they have to have substantial evidence first to show the judge you or the homeowner are breaking the law. Which, I’m sure you’re not. Such a good guy :slight_smile:

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custody becomes more real when bitcoin isnt shitting itself~

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I will agree with the symbols on the metals but the truth is they help the value. Silver/Gold coins have a higher value than straight up bullion only when people actually care about those particular coins. If they have some collectible value. Otherwise you’re better off with bullion.

Bullion will yield the best % of spot value when it’s stamped by a reputable company like Credit Suisse. The stamps allow people to trust that your bullion is real. The sad fact of the matter is that a bar of Credit Suisse will hold more value than a straight up bar of unmarked bullion every day of the week. Even if they file into it and verify purity. Stamps matter.

I was in the watch/jewelry/metals industry for about 7 years. You also will never be able to purchase gold/etc… at or below spot price and will never be able to sell gold/etc… at or above spot price as a retail individual.

Wholesellers and dealers always pay below spot and sell above spot. Always. The volume you have determinse how close to spot you get.

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you need smaller denoms to transact, the more recognizable the coin the better which is why I buy silver eagles and canadian maple leafs both easily recognized

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Agreed, if you actually believe that we will have a dooms day scenario then those super recognizable coins will become very universally accepted. I also see them retaining some value above spot due to their recognition in the market place.

If the world fell apart then people would probably start faking them though.


It’s all those stupid collector’s edition coins im referring to that hold no value above spot after a couple years. You pay a premium for the 30th anniversary edition of the silver Ronald Reagan or some nonsense and it’s not worth more than spot price. All that junk you see out there is BS unless it’s an actually collectible coin with significance behind it.

No one is going to pay above spot for the 20th anniversary twin towers coin and etc… It’s total and utter BS when dealers sell that garbage to people at double spot or whatever BS price they decide on.

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ya, exactly, I’d never buy those … I don’t get why people buy that stupid shit

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this whole topic of being your own bank really doesn’t scale - so many people live in Apartments of Condos they have no sovereignty over, or live with roommates etc…

If its a problem for me to store keys and coins, it must really be a bitch for other people

personal responsibility sounds cool, but how much money are people REALLY comfortable trying to store?

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If you want more ideas on investments that are durable goods I would suggest Rolex watches. But only certain ones. Vintage stainless steel sport models like the Submariner, GMT, Explorer, Daytona tend to go up in value even while you enjoy them on your wrist.

I bought a 1991 Rolex GMT “Pepsi” for $3,300 and wore it for 5 years then resold it for $7K. People think that they’re only for rich folks with money to waste but they actually retain value and go up when you buy the right ones.

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I had a gold one and sold it, I still have this submariner

I now regret selling the Gold Presidential

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I think in a doom scenario, nobody will want the watches, they will only want coin - but I really dont know

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did your GMT have the black and red ? those are sharp

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