Stance on The Future Of Education

Hi Guys,

Just binge watched a bunch of Decentralized TV episodes.

One which I found interesting was the one regarding the use of Cardano for Universities.

@peter You are clearly highly educated but have a pretty negative view on education (at the moment).

I would be interested to know what you think could be a better alternative?

I am in two minds about it to be honest.

Would love to hear what other people in the space think.

Do people think university degrees have lost their value?

Full disclosure I dropped out :laughing:


This is a good thread I hope gets legs.

Has anyone used or looked deeply into the Ron Paul education courses? I’ve been intrigued by them - even just as an add-on for children to actually learn something useful.


Thanks Zero Force what are your thoughts?



Yes. I’m pretty satirical about education in general, I think I’ve earned the right to criticize it (though you don’t need that).

I’ve seen education turn into a carousel of pumping people out rather than creating critical thinkers.

With the walls being broken down around us in terms of access to education, you can now educate yourself to the highest levels without ever setting foot behind a brick and mortar school.

Personality has a lot to play in this.

These are bigger factors for success than education.
But they can also be used (in my example) as a mechanism to GET an education.


I suppose a key problem I see and I am sure this is something all people struggle with is the first positive characteristic you identify:


In a physical environment surrounded by similarly focused individuals it is often a positive encouragement to educate yourself and aids your drive.

For me I still struggled with drive at that point (university) in my life despite others being very driven around me.

I have found that since travelling extensively, working in a few different sectors and probably most importantly having a family that my self drive has improved considerably.

I’m not sure if you have kids.

But I still see there being a possible benefit of going to University and I think I would like to see my kids go despite my mixed personal experience.

My view may change as time goes on as my kids are only still very young and obviously I would let them make the decision.

I think the focus on degrees needs to be taken away.

But I still do think that education for educations sake has value.


Many very prestigious career paths including software engineering and computer related careers seem to put a huge amount of emphasis on degrees.


Nailed it, 21st century learning is all about the 4 C’s, communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking, not just being an idiot and remembering shit.


I do agree with this mindset.

However, how are these skills to be developed sans institutions?


With peers? like minded peeps?


In the case of adolescents though age 18-21 how do they find peers that will educate them?

Lets say you live in a country town and have few neighbours.

If you aspired to be a lawyer or a doctor there may not be peers or like minded peeps.

For some very driven individuals I am sure they might be able to self educate using the net and books and so forth.

But this would be immensely challenging and in terms of certification there would still be a requirement for individuals wanting to be doctors or lawyers for example to have some kind of tests.

I am sure it could be possible to decentralize educational institutions but I think it will be a challenge.


Advance Apology: I do at times play devils advocate so I apologise in advance about this :wink:


As you said, ze interwebs


I have 2 kids. We will not be forcing them to do higher education even though my wife and I have 7 degrees between the two of us.


No your right!

I definitely won’t be forcing my children either!

But I think many individuals can still gain a lot of value from it.

You have definitely got more value than I did lol. (I think)

That’s a lot of degrees damn.

If you could go back in time would you not bother?


No - Even though all of my “success” has come from hard work on startups and building shit… I wouldn’t change it for anything. It made me who I am today!


slackers haha asdfjk adslfj


Right on mate!

I would feel the same!

Do you think a decentralized model could work for education?

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We have two small children, not yet school aged and have considered homeschooling or sending them to a Montessori school. I think either option will create more self-motivated and self-directed adults than public school. Higher education is fine if they want to go and have a plan, but not just because it’s the next thing to do.


I like that. It’s what me and @booins do.


Hey, this is my field! A master’s degree in Education and a PhD on the horizon. What can I contribute to this thread?

I like turtles. :turtle:


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