Status + Nim = Nimbus, New Sharding Client




Nim – a programming language programming that compiles to the likes of C, C++, JavaScript, and more – announced it has partnered with Status, the team creating Ethereum’s open source mobile DApp browser and messenger. Status will be using Nim as the base to build Nimbus, a new sharding client for Ethereum. As a result, Nim says it will receive funding and support that will help them dramatically improve the language and hire at least two full-time developers. “Our primary goal is to release Nim version 1.0.0, which signals our long overdue commitment to a stable language and standard library that will preserve backwards compatibility for years to come,” writes Nim, adding that "with Status’ support our development towards version 1.0.0 will accelerate rapidly. We will also have more man-power to handle the recently increased activity on our issue tracker.

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